Posted by: annieh | August 11, 2009

Taught NHS how to do Thompson Test!!

I had to go to my local NHS Walk in Centre this afternoon because as someone who is prone to cysts I had a really bad headache over the last couple of days then one almighty eruption as the cyst on my head burst, so I went to the NHS  centre to get some antibiotics.

I went on to explain that the last time I went into the centre I was misdiagnosed big time, eg achilles!!  I explained what happened and they were very apologetic.  We talked about the Thompson Test and that I may have to have a second operation anyway.  They had never heard of the Test so I said I would demonstrate it.  She called in the other staff and I lay on the table instructing the nurse how to do it,  I was also  able to show that my bad leg still has no response to the Test therefore they could see how the response should be and shouldn’t be.  They were amazed at such a simple test could work.

Thought I should have got a round of applause when I left, but I didn’t.  I did feel good though because anyone else presenting with a possible achilles rupture would get better advice.


Good for you! (Hope they sorted your cyst/headache out!)

Annie - Just had a chance to read your post. Very interesting! I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry. I suppose the Thompson Test seems so obvious to us now that we’ve been through it. But, I’m guessing there are probably hundreds of similar tests that medical professionals have to learn and try to remember. It’s good that your experience may help others down the road, whether they know it or not.


I am sure that I would feel like crying not laughing at your experience: I understand it is difficult for a GP to remember all the different tests for the different ailments, but then they should just acknowledge that patients need to see specialists.
I do not understand the resistance GPs here in Canada show, too, about referral to specialists.

I had lots of frustrating experiences with the medical system, here, too.
When I re-ruptured my orthopedic surgeon was on holidays and I could not get an appointment to see him for 2 weeks. The other orthos at the hospital’s fracture clinic would not see me instead of him. I was told to go to my family doctor (who happened to be away for a month, too) and get a referral. Or I could walk in emergency and see who is on call….
I am lucky the emerg doctor (though he thought I did not rupture my tendon, and did not call to consult an orthopedic surgeon on call) had the decency to send me for ultrasound. It took me some pushing to be able to get the ultrasound the next day, as opposed to a week or 2 that they first offered…

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