Posted by: annieh | July 24, 2009

Well, looks like I go back to square one, oh bother!!

Following advice from Smish and TomTom I have been back to see a new physio who looks after the England Cricket Squad, when he called in one of the other physio’s for a second opinion I knew all was not well.  So, they both agreed I have no response to the Thompson Test, the achilles is very thick, hard and twisted and in their opinion the only thing to do is to operate again, I was prepared for this so was not too surprised.  I asked what would happen if I didn’t have it done and they said they thought I had no alternative as my walking was very poor now, there was no muscle at all and they would expect it to wither even more.

They will write to my surgeon suggesting surgery again as soon as possible.  I said I would not want surgery again until late autumn as I didn’t want to miss the rest of the summer (even though the weather is horrendous at the moment).  So, I will report in when I have seen the surgeon (hopefully he is away on a long summer holiday!).


Hi Annie

So sorry to hear you may have to have surgery again, you have had such a tough time of it with your misdiagnosis at the beginning and the time you have spent since your rupture.

At the end of the day if it has to be operated on again then so be it, in the long run it will benefit you to get it fixed so good luck and when you decide what to do hope everything goes fine this time.

I am very sorry for you. But if it is not healed and you can not walk properly it must be hard on your hip etc. I hope your surgery will put things right next time.
At least you can enjoy this summer. I am for sure in cast for July-August: had to cancel my holidays.

Good luck!

Annie - So sorry to hear your fears were confirmed. But, on the positive side, at least there is a way for the tendon to be fixed. Believe me, I know the thought of another surgery is agonizing, but hopefully the end result will be much better this time around. Keep us updated. I will do the same in case my experience can be of any benefit.


Oh Annie, just got back from our week away to read your news. So sorry to hear you’re going to have go throught it all again. You’ve been such a help to me. Sending happy thoughts and hugs - keep us posted.

Thanks all for your good wishes.

Been doing what I always do when I get bad news, I have taken it out on the garden, been up the ladders cutting hedges, cutting shrubs and bushes down almost to the ground - if I had a cat I would have kicked it, etc. But doing all that makes sure hubby wont have to do it when I go under the knife again whenever that is.

At least this time round I will be able to prepare things in advance and have the house in order. Hopefully I can put surgery off until the autumn and not miss the last bit of the summer, and, I am 60 in a few weeks so I don’t want my leg in plaster then, I want to enjoy becomming a pensioner!!! And, I want to be able to use my free travel pass which I have been so looking forward to…

Tom hope everything goes well for you…


Annie - you were one of the folks with me starting the journey last summer, I’m sorry to here you re back to square one…but if will make more bionic….go for it. I’ll send good vibes.


Aloha Annieh –
I’m so sorry to hear about this turn in the road for you. It has been a long journey and you’re always very encouraging to others in their own personal races. Here’s a dose of well wishes back to you in your recovery.
Cheering for you and wishing you strength –

annieh - We are all pulling for you here. I am sorry that you’ll have to go through the surgery and recovery process again, but at least it’s a step in the right direction to a better recovery this time around.
Like Tom said,

short term agony of a cast and crutches will be worth the ability to regain more calf strength and feel a little bit closer to normal.

best wishes.

Hi Annie,
It’s a shame that you have to run the marathon all over again, but hopefully you’ll see the summer out before you have the op.
I’s a shame that these mis-diagnosis and shabby treatments are not so rare, but myself and the rest of the ATR family will still be here for your support whenever you need it.

Take care and don’t injure yourself up those ladders,

Thanks Jon,

The question will be, who will be walking first, me or your new baby when he/she arrives?

Got some great advice and questions for my surgeon from Tom


Annie, that’s terrible! I remember reading your blog a year ago as I went through it back then. So it somehow got botched? It would be interesting to hear exactly what these docs are saying went wrong - or did they do it wrong? The more the rest of us know about such things, perhaps the better to prevent future misfortunes.

Hang in there! You have a great spirit, and it comes through in your writing.


Hi Annie, bad news but at least you have a way forward. Don’t put the surgery off, get it done ASAP - that way you will be fit to see Man City parade the Premiership trophy in May. All I have to look forward to is Pompey being relegated!

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