Posted by: annieh | March 18, 2009

ONE YEAR AGO TODAY life changed!!

It is hard to believe but it really is one year ago today that I ruptured my achilles tendon whilst walking in a car park.


Things have changed dramatically since then, although I can walk I still cannot walk quickly or do a single heel raise on the bad leg.  I have tried all the exercises for core strengthening as given by my physiotherapist, my cousin the nurse, and Jon on AchillesBlog.  I have now accepted the fact that I don’t think things will improve much more.  I have a lot of scar tissue and thickening but that is an age problem, not applicable to you young ones!!


The muscle in my leg is still hiding away somewhere where I cannot find it, but the main thing is I am able to walk, which is good news.


I don’t check out the blog as much as I did but without Dennis setting up this site, my off-line friends, Smish, Richard, Jon and Karen,  the last year would have been very difficult.


For those of you who are just setting out on this long road to recovery I wish you well.  Blogging was a mystery to me before this injury now I have found a new hobby and cannot put down my laptop at night.  So instead of painting and decorating, gardening and badminton I now BLOG for Britain.  So very special thanks to Dennis for all his help.


Good luck to you all.


By the way, Manchester City’s Valerie Bojinov and Aston Villas Curtis Davis  both played at the City of Manchester Stadium a couple of weeks ago, Bojinov came on as a second half substitute but Curtis went off at half time.  So, when the teams were announced I gave them both a particularly hearty welcome from one Achilles sufferer to the two of them.




Hi Annie,
Congrats on making a year in recovery. I’ve been amazed at the amount of people who have come out of the woodwork with this injury. I can honestly say that I had never met anyone who had an ATR until I had one and now they seem to be everywhere. I also find myself looking at how people walk a lot more, if I see someone dragging a flat foot I tend to ask what they’ve done (or guess), as a few people I’ve met went without diagnosis for a long time. I probably would’ve been one of them had I not spoke to a friend who is a qualified physio as oppose to the rugby club’s rub-a-dub who told me I had given myself a dead-leg.
I’m sure a year from now you’ll be doing single heel raises etc without a problem. I still can’t do any of the impact sports that I used to enjoy but was told to otherwise forget about the AT and carry on as normal and things will naturally improve. I can’t even remember when I did my first single heel raise, I just realised one day that I could and was doing it.
As Gary Barlow once said “Have a little patience”.


PS. Hopefully City will put in a decent away performance tonight out in Aaaaaaaalborg.

well done annieh im so pleased for you ….. it must be a wonderful feeling !!!!!!!! unfortunatly not gone that well for me (read my blog) but i WILL get there one day !!!!!!!

Hi Annie Congratulations on the marathon! you have been such a positive achilles warrior i have learnt a lot from your blogs. good luck with your continued recovery and take care. say Hi to merry Manchester there - i spent a week there a few weeks ago and its got such spirit I think. take care aussie rules

annieh - thanks! Congrats on reaching your 1 year anniversary, and thanks for sharing your story! It’s really been helpful to those following in your footsteps. :)

let me know nearer the date when your off to tenby and i shall come and see you for a coffee ( wheelchair at the ready lol )

Congrats on making a year in a wonderful developing one .Take care Aussie rules.Thanks for providing us the necessary details.

I am so pleased for you and for your work. It must be a wonderful feeling to share such type of views.thanks!

Annieh, I remember you. Now at Week 39, I am walking but certainly not running or jolting or dashing or bolting…. Because if I do, I might be back where I started. My scar looks “keloidal” too but I am not stressed about it, as long as there’s no pain. The leg muscle is smaller than the good leg, also small varicose veins are showing, just a bluish look, on the back of the leg.

Man, health issues are so complicated.


Hi Annieh. Congrats on reaching your one year milestone. When I ruptured my achilles, you were one of the first people to comment on my post. I am now 36 weeks post-op and making progress…slowly, but surely. I cannot do a single calf raise yet either. Just have patience and remember how far you have come! Thanks!

Hi Annie,
Have just been reading your complete journey - gives me some more idea of what to expect.
Determined not to put any weight on while inactive, but might be tough.
Wondering if I’ll be walking for end of September when my course of study starts again.
One step at a time…pardon the pun!

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