Posted by: annieh | September 30, 2008

Somebody stole my ‘muscle’ !!!!

Well, it was a lovely weekend here in Manchester so I did a lot of gardening, so good to get into the fresh sunny air.  Martin decided it was time to cut down a very old knarled apple tree that was no longer producing fruit.

We took it in turn to saw through the trunk and we got to the stage where a rope could be slung round the trunk and pulled down.  We threw the rope round and grabbed one end each, we counted to three and pulled, what happend next was hillarious, I just took off up in the air!!!  What happened there I thought….  We tried again, same thing , flying through the air with the greatest of ease, - Martin is not that strong but we decided it was me, the whimp!!  Picture yourself pulling hard on something and you realise how much you use your legs to push down to gain strength in your arms.

So, my question is, how do I at nearly 60 get some strength back in my legs.  I am not near a swimming pool, I don’t belong to (nor do I want to belong to) a gym, I am unable to ride my bike any more because of a fused disc in my neck.  I have done all the exercises suggested by my physio, I use the pilates ball at home, I walk for as long as I can but still my leg is as flat as a pancake and quite pathetic.  I am quite small and even though I try to use the static bike at home my legs only just reach the pedals so it is difficult to use.

Any ideas would be welcomed.

ps - We managed eventualy to pull it down, or rather Martin did, I continued to saw the trunk as he pulled then it dropped nicely onto the lawn, then we had the chore of sawing it up ready to take to the eco centre.




Hi annie,

I think the only way to strengthen your legs is a bit of core leg work.

Stand with your back against a wall, then lower yourself into a sitting position or as close as you can get and hold it for a minute. You might want Marting there the first time for a bit of support.


Thanks Jon,

I will try that, sounds simple but I bet it isn’t. Going to match on Thursday so plenty more walking to and from the game. Lets hope if there is a penalty we actually get it!!

Have just tried it, ouch!! As I go down my heels lift up, should I try and keep my feet flat on the floor, it certainly pulls on the thighs!! Used a nearby desk to pull myself up, it feels as if is doing something.


Hi Annie,
Just go down as far as is comfortable. It should makes your knees shake slightly as your thigh muscles are doing all the work. It’s essentially a core strength exercise.
Another to try is go into a press-up position, arms locked and hold you body stiff like a board, thirty seconds-a-time should bring your strength up in no time.

Good luck thursday.


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