Posted by: annieh | September 9, 2008

I’m walking backwards - skipping through puddles

Decided to go to the Dentist this morning without the aid of a crutch.  Well when I eventually got there I was in a state of uncontrollable giggles.  The Manchester weather was true to form absolutely pouring down, I didn’t take an umbrella in case it upset my balance!! 

It is autumn here now and the leaves are falling onto the pavements, so trying not to look an idiot I was walking very slowly round the puddles making sure I didn’t slip on the leaves, steps got smaller and smaller and felt as if I was going backwards the village appeared to be further and further away, eventually I thought I’m going to be late so what the heck, walk through the puddles, or why not even splash through the puddles, I’m still wearing sandles and socks as shoes and trainers are still a long way off, so there is this mad old woman in sandles skipping (or sort of) through puddles and laughing, I’m just waiting for the men in white coats to come and take me away.

Got to Dentists still giggling to myself and the receptionist says in very loud voice to a packed waiting room - “Wow your crutchless”  (but, sounded more like crotchless) the whole waiting room looked at me up and down and I could tell they weren’t sure what she meant!!  So I laughed out loud again and explained to the waiting room that what she meant was I was not walking using the aid of a CRUTCH…   Smiles all round.

Still smiling went into Dentist and he had to take some impressions and they wouldn’t work as I kept chuckling.  Eventually after 4th attempt all OK.  By this time I have given up trying to explain why I was laughing and left a bemused Dentist and waiting room of people wondering if they should send for someone to take me home.

Decided to call at the cake shop on way back and treat myself.  But, after all that I am very pleased to report progress on the walking front.



Hi Annie,
Congratulations Skippy!

Great to hear you’re improving in leaps and bounds……….literally!

I love positive posts.

Take care,

Thanks Jon,

But I will have to stop calling at the cake shop to reward myself, or I won’t be able to skip anywhere. Have you sorted out your status yet?

I just keep clicking on things ’till I finally find what I want.

Just tried it Jon,

Go to MANAGE, then on the right is USERS then next screen is YOUR ACHILLES PROFILE
Hope that works for you

My spam word was “positive.” It’s positively stupendous that you are crotchless. :) And, I just love the way you English type…”to call at the cake shop.” Maybe you shouuld say “pop in”. LOVE LOVE the accent in your typing. (My hubby is from Sweden and I always ask him…how come you can’t have a cool British accent or something?!?!?!? Congrats Annie! Let freedom ring!

I like the sound of a cake, a vanilla slice is my particular favourite or a custard I can’t decide! - However the potential for weight gain is enormous so I’m attempting to steer clear


Annie H. That is hilarious. I am smiling reading your post.

Annie, that’s awesome, I know the excitement of walking. Unfortunately I celebrated in advance by eating cake during the first two weeks, now I need to walk it off!

Do you wear compression socks? Not sure if it’s placebo but I find I walk better with them on.


Viva la revolution.

According to my mate Rich, they were Brazilliant!!!


Morning Jon,

Just had a client in the office, a RED, I just smiled at him and he threw a wobbly and stormed out, they can’t take it!!!. It really was Brazilliant, but great to see the local lads playing their part.

Kompany for me is the best player we have signed in years, so confident, even Dunnie scoring, his wife Helen was in my sons class at school so really pleased for Helen.

In cloud cuckoo land at the moment.


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