Posted by: annieh | August 25, 2008

59 and not out!!!! plus note for UKNodger

Well, I’m 59 today and getting back to the real me.  For those of you who know Ikea, I built a billy bookcase, 6′ high (I’m only 5′1″ ish) carried it from my sons lounge into his boiler room, lifted it over the washing machine, put it in place and screwed it to the wall.  Phew, hard work carrying it but I did it, had to use quite a bit of strength in my leg but I was careful.

Went to the football yesterday, (City actually won 3-0) and the young woman who sits next to my husband had broken her ankle in 2 places and Roy an elderly gent in front of me had been unwell and was using a walking stick, general opinion was if you didn’t have a crutch you couldn’t sit in our section!!!   Quite funny really but I think I won in the injury stakes.

ps UK Nodger, my brother had read the blog and has got the Adrian Chiles’ book so is letting me have a read of it.  His wife is a Baggies fan!!  Just watching the cricket on Sky - Lancs v Sussex, my son has gone down from Manchester  to Hove for the game, expected back at 3 a.m. (or thereabouts) and is due in work at 8 a.m. must be mad.




You go girl! I am so excited for you. Can it really happen that we can get back to a normal life. I mean, you are even picking up things - heavy things at that. Thanks for letting us know it gives me encouragement.

Go Annie. Happy Birthday.

Annie - happy birthday! go City!

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You! I hope you had a great day! Sounds like you are pretty good at assembly. I’ll have you assemble some of my IKEA items and ship them back to me. It’s great to get things done huh?! Behave!

Wow, I don’t think I could assemble that with two good legs…I have 3 of those cases, but Mr. C did all the fancy stuff! Anyway, a very happy birthday to you…wonderful to hear of all your progress. Congratulations!

Hi Annie,
Happy belated birthday.

Glad to hear your recovery is going well. Good win for the blues, the hammer’s were lucky they only had 3 put past them and young Sturridge looks a bit useful.

Bring on the dirty reds!


Happy Birthday Annie, good to see The Hammers roll over and give you an early present! Enjoy the book… I just read another book , by Gary Imlach “My Father and Other Working Class Football Heroes” which is an interesting and surprisingly moving account of football before money and TV came along. Get those book tokens out!!

Happy belated Birthday Annie! Great to hear that you are getting around so well!

Nice signing by City to get Vincent Kompany from Hamburg. He is a phenominal talent, and now that he is playing in the Premiership, he will get his due as truly one of the best players in Europe. I was sad to see him leave HSV, but it was the best for everyone involved.

H-a-P-p-Y b-I-r-T-h-D-a-Y Annie!

Sounds like you are amongst friends at the ground; good result and signalling a change in fortune perhaps?

When I was at school we used to get given “the bumps”; now Im older Im glad that tradition petered out :-)

happy birthday, thanks for all the positive comments

Well what a morning,

just sitting minding my own business when, buzzzzz, wasp flies up my skirt ..stings me, ooouuuccchhhh, hopping about, good job not still in plaster, City win 3-0 yesterday and this morning Dr. Thaksin (he of disreputable past dealings) sells Manchester City Football Club to a Saudi businessman and one of our best players is sold, I’m shell-shocked. But then again it is still only lunchtime.


Sometimes reading your blog, I think of Stephanie Cole in “Waiting for God” with all acerbic comments. No, 59 is not old! I hope!


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