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Post-op report on City Player’s Achilles surgery

Valerie Bojinov report on Achilles surgery

20/08/2008 18:24







Valeri Bojinov has had surgery on his Achilles injury and is set to start rehabilitation work almost straight away.

The luckless striker tore his right Achilles tendon in the pre-match warm up at Villa Park on Sunday, just ahead of what should have been his first league start after he battled back from a cruciate knee injury sustained nearly a year ago.

Club doctor Mark Whitaker has confirmed that the Bulgarian has had the required operation, telling “This was a completely new problem and had no relationship to his knee injury. He had surgery on Monday afternoon – the aim is for repair as soon as possible after the injury. His rehab will initially involve letting the tendon repair and then a gradual strength programme with an anticipated return date in six months.

“Everything went very well at the time of surgery and Valeri is fit and well post-op. He will be back in Carrington next week to start his rehab programme.”

Manager Mark Hughes added: “Valeri knows exactly what kind of work he has in front of him, and if he approaches it in the same way as he did with his last injury, then he will be back soon, I’m sure of that.”

The poor man had only just returned to the first team after being out for 12 months.!!!  

Gives hope to us all, although I don’t  think I will be playing football for City !!!




Annie - please keep us posted on his progress. We’ll be rooting for him when he returns to the field. :)

Dennis as requested, update on Achilles victim Valeri Bojinov of Manchester City, this was on todays website:

Bojinov back at Carrington 30/09/2008 17:15

Mark Hughes has revealed that Bulgarian striker Valeri Bojinov is back at Carrington and ready to start on the road to recovery following his Achilles tendon injury.

It was a cruel blow for the 22-year-old when he suffered the injury in the warm up ahead of the opening day defeat at Aston Villa.

But today Hughes told “He’s back with us now and will be starting his rehabilitation in earnest.

“He was showing everybody his scar yesterday like a war wound. I’ve seen scars from that type of injury before and they looked a lot angrier than Valeri’s does.

“It looks excellent in fairness and we’re very hopeful given where the tendon snapped. If there is a good place it was the optimum position, right in the middle, so the prognosis is really good for him.”

Bojinov, who joined the Blues from Fiorentina just over a year ago, has had no luck with injuries since his arrival having made only three brief appearances last year before suffering cruciate ligament damage in August. He battled back from that to impress many with his pre-season form before being struck down again


annieh - thanks for that update. Hopefully he can return to play again.. like Elton Brand. (NBA player with ATR)

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