Posted by: annieh | August 17, 2008

Oh No!!!! Achilles Injury to Manchester City player…

I don’t believe it 

Valeri Bojinov our wonderful Manchester City forward (saying that with tongue in cheek) he cost us £7 million GB pounds last year, he played 8 minutes of 1st game and was injured and never played again the whole season due to knee ligament problems.

First Premier league game today, he’s injured in the warm up ‘Achilles’ victim, so will miss the whole of this season as well, and we lost 4-2, looks like were going to have a bad year.

I really really hope it isn’t achilles, but that is what the TV are saying.  He re-appeared at half time on crutches with leg in plaster.

So that is every one of Manchester City’s forward players injured ‘ as some would say ‘  ””were doomed”’.






annie - sorry to hear that about your team’s forward. Let us know what the injury was if you find out.


It has been confirmed on club website that Valeri Bojinov Manchester City FC centre forward will be out of the game for 6 months due to rupture of the right achilles.


I d-o-n-t b-e-l-i-e-v-e it! In the warm up! 1st game back after injury! I will never think myself unlucky again. I hope his recovery goes well.

You think you’ve got problems - I’m a Leeds fan, rupturing my achilles has been a blessed relief after the last painful few years I’ve had to endure!!!

I read this story and immediately thought of you Annie! This guy’s had a really bad run of luck, eh? Same thing happened to another guy in Germany–he was recovering from reconstructive knee surgery and had a partial achilles tear/rupture.

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