Making some progress at PT

It’s been 2.5 weeks now since I’ve been cleared to walk without the splint and starting PT. The PT made me do some balancing and ROM exercises in the beginning, together with heel raises. After one week, the exercises were extended with walking on a treadmill at nearly 2 km/h (I couldn’t walk much faster), biking, a balance board, leg presses and some lunch-like exercises. The balance board was afwul, and I could not stand on it without falling off, so that meant I had a lot of work ahead. The plan was to do those exercises at the PT gym by myself, as my insurance won’t cover too many treatments. Because the treatments up to now are nothing more than providing exercises, that is not a problem. As I was abroad last week, I couldn’t do the exercises with aids, but I did a lot of walking and some balancing and lunch exercises.
Today, one week later, I could go the gym again, and to my surprise I could easily walk up to nearly 4 km/h and stand on the balance board without any aids.
I was very happy to find this today, and I am looking forward to seeing more progress soon. All feels good, and the fear of rerupturing slowly becomes a bit less present, still cautious though as I am only at approximately 10 weeks or so…

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  1. Jules Said,

    April 19, 2011 @ 6:49 am

    Hey Anne sounds like you are progressing really well. I’m 3 weeks behind you and it seems improvement in ROM etc happens quickly after you get moving. I’m sure it will be the 80/20 rule and the last 20% will take most time but we’ll get there :)

    Heel raises would be pushing it for me as I’m still in a boot but getting out of it every couple of hours to do my exercises. I do end up walking around and even going up the stair shoeless which is… …

    Happy healing

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