day 25

this is anne here. i tore my AT from jumping to spike a volleyball. my fear is that i will be afraid to do any more jumping sports activites. to clariy–my injured leg is the right one that is booted…so not sure how to drive with the boot or if it is safe as micheal stated. i am not in pain but just tightness although my PT stretches me like crazy…i feel like it will be rerupture. i think the chance is like 10 -15% after repair. i do my exercises actually 3-5 times a day depending on your swelling which i don’t have much of. i do about 30 reps each. i also do straight leg raises, hamstrings curls, hip abduction in sidelying..etc booted to keep my leg from too much muscle atrophy; i also heard from a fellow AT patient at PT that he is wearing dansko shoes with a heel lift inserted vs. a boot now ( post op 12 weeks) and it has a higher heel ….has anyone heard of that dansko shoe used instead of the boot? take care!

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  1. Anne - Sorry to hear about your rupture, but it’s good to have another volleyballer on the site. I’ve been outnumbered by the b-ballers and skiers for several weeks now. Unfortunately, I can’t even say that my injury occured during a spike. I was stepping forward to backup our front row when my AT popped. You can read my story at

    I think I’ll try and do a post regarding driving in the next couple of days. You may find it helpful.

  2. Anne -

    I setup the Achilles Timeline on your behalf.
    I guessed your ATR date, so please feel free to correct it.

    The instructions are here:

    Glad that your recovery is progressing nicely, and keep us posted on your progress.

  3. I don’t think the previous link for my site is working properly. Try this one…

  4. Anne - looks like you are just a few days behind me, I had my sugery on 3/3. I’d like to here the specific exercises you are working on for ROM (the ones you do 3-5 times/day 30 reps each)? That would be helpful for me, and I’m sure others that will be getting to ROM shortly. Also, if you want to see a sheet that compiles all of the ATR’s that are blogging/commenting on this site, you can go to and click on the first file link on the page.

    Oh..and my wife has a fairly large Dansko collection (she has a little addiction to shoes!)….and she mentioned that they do have heal lifts built in to them to put you in the plantar flexed position. Who knows, maybe I’ll have to break down and buy a pair myself as a little treat for getting to the shoe phase!

  5. I was injured on March 17, 2008. I was playing racquetball when I heard a loud pop. I initially thought that the other player had stepped on the back of my shoe. I was unable to walk normally. I limped to the lockerroom and called my wife. My sisters are health care professionals. I asked them if this was going to linger. I was instructed to have the tendon examined by my doctor. The orthopedic specialist confirmed that I had indeed ruptured the tendon on my left leg. I had the surgery the day after the diagnosis. I have not had much pain, but I am very impatient. The surgery went well. I have a doctor’s appointment on Friday, April 11, 2008. This will be three weeks post op. I will continue to update when available.

  6. Kenron - Glad that you found us, and thanks for sharing your story. Good to hear that the surgery went well.

    There are a couple of people here who injured their Achilles playing racquetball too. Good luck on your appointment tomorrow, and keep us posted!

  7. Kenron…
    another racquetballer…welcome..unfortunately..If you have questions feel free to ask us…I am about 2 1/2 weeks ahead of you…I just got the ok to go full weight bearing FWB. as you’llfind out that’s a major accomplishment for us ATRers..
    Good Luck with recovery.

    Doc Ross

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