hi! just had surgery 3 weeks ago and will be allowed  to put weight on with the walking boot but does anyone out there feel out of balance since the boot is so much higher in height than my regular shoe on my other foot? how do u stay balance with the walking boot ?

secondly-has another driven a car with the walking boot? i cannot drive with my left leg-i will likely hurt someone!

also-i don’t have pain but lots of tension and tightness with stretch and range of motion and the feeling it will rerupture..anyone else? thanks. anne

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  1. hi anne - welcome to the “club”…not a real exclusive one! How did you tear your AT? I am almost 4 weeks post op, and just got my boot yesterday, I’m still NWB, but on my first day of ROM exercises. I don’t have much pain either, but a ton of tension and tightness when doing the 1st and 2nd exercises on this:

    I’m not too scared of a reruputure doing ROM stuff, I’ve seen the knot and material they use for the repair and it’s strong. The tightness to me is a good sign that the tendon is attached…but still a strange feeling. I am able to just get to 90…but it’s definitely tight. For anyone else who has worked through the initial ROM exercises, how long before that tightness goes away, or at least gets less noticable? Any advice on frequency of the ankle exercises? I’ve been applying heat for 10 minutes, doing the exercises (~10 reps of each), massaging the foot/ankle/tendon/calf, and then icing for 10 minutes….doing this 3 times/day. Anyone think this is too much or not enough? Thanks!

  2. Hi Anne,

    What I do is I walk a with my boot foot out to the side and that seems to help a little. There probably are some shoes with thick soles, and that’s even more helpful.

    How did you rupture your achilles? I guess it’s the right foot? I hope you find this site useful, and thanks for sharing your story.

  3. Anyone drive a stick shift car? I do and my left leg is the injured one. Is it possible to drive a stick with a boot??? Should I start rigging up some sort of hand control?

  4. Jim:

    Do yourself a favor and rent an automatic until your left foot is out of the boot. Before my rupture, and then after but before surgery, I was driving with the boot on my right foot. It’s a little tricky for two reasons. First, since you can’t move your ankle you have to use your whole leg to press on the pedal. Of course, with the clutc that’s not unusual. The second, is the boot is quite wide and gives you no “feel”. As a result, it is quite easy to hit two pedals simultaneously. I did that a few times with my rigth-booted foot, hitting the accelerator and the brake together - not good. Since your right foot is ok, be safe and use an automatic of the time being.

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