Charley Horse anyone?

Anyone experience an increase in charley horses in the injured leg?  Just lately I am finding that I am waking in the middle of the night with a charley horse in my left leg. It seems to happen when I try and stretch my leg out and then wham! the pain sets in.  I am [...]

3 month follow up

Saw my OS today for another follow up.  It’s been a little over three months since surgery and I am fully in 2 shoes, back to work full-time and going to PT.  I still have a sizeable bump where the tendon was stitched and I still have enough swelling each day but my dr. was [...]

5000+ steps

I’m finally managing over 5000 steps a day now, which is a big accomplishment for me. Just a few short weeks ago I was averaging just a bit over 1000. My pace is picking up just a little and I can now walk 18 city blocks without stopping which makes me very happy as I [...]

11 weeks in

11 Weeks in and I have finally started PT. I know this is late compared to many, but my OS didn’t want me starting until this month since I stretched my tendon when I took a really bad fall during PWB. I’ve been walking in two shoes (sneakers) with heel lifts in each since Labor [...]

Walked a half mile in my shoes

Today was a small accomplishment - I managed to walk 13 city blocks tonight in one stretch! Approximately a little over a half mile, roughly 1300 steps. Not a record breaking time as it took me 25 minutes to do this including having to stop for a few red lights along the way, but I [...]

2 shoes!

Like all of you before me, just as I got comfortable FWB in the boot with no crutches, it’s time to move on to 2 shoes and start all over again!  Those first few steps certainly were strange and it still is somewhat strange.  Definitely more painful on the top of my foot and the [...]

Definitely seeing progress on FWB

So, I’m a week into FWB and although I was supposed to be crutchless, it has taken me until today to get used to that an walk fairly well in the boot alone.  I was having real real difficulty managing the boot without any support so I decided I would start with the single crutch [...]

First Steps… FWB

So, at today’s follow-up appt, my OS said it’s time to ditch the crutches and go FWB in the boot. I knew this was coming and had been trying to get my mind to catch up with what I needed to do for a few days now. I could stand in the boot but still [...]

Just another week

I’ve got another week to go on PWB and have been reading a lot about making the move to FWB which I am hopeful my dr. will tell me I am ready for when I see him on the 14th.  But as I write this I find that FWB is really a frightening thought for [...]

PWB at last

OK, so my dr. told me I could go to PWB tomorrow, but I decided I was ready to jump the gun and started tonight. I wanted to get in some practice before having to really use it tomorrow. I’m basically back at work in the office every day, though I am on slightly reduced [...]