3 month follow up

Saw my OS today for another follow up.  It’s been a little over three months since surgery and I am fully in 2 shoes, back to work full-time and going to PT.  I still have a sizeable bump where the tendon was stitched and I still have enough swelling each day but my dr. was telling me that’s normal for just 3 months out. He said the bump will flatten, but it will take time and it may not flatten completely. Not so sure I’m happy hearing that.  Overall he’s very happy with my progress and said I can move toward building more strength in PT using therabands, but still advises me against any real stretching. Plus, he said I should continue with lifts in my shoes for now.  I can walk, bike (though no spinning) and swim. No running or jumping at this point in time.  My ROM is pretty much all back to normal so the order is to build the strength.

Of course, although my injured leg is weaker, I actually prefer the size of my calf on that leg and jokingly asked if I could put my good leg in the boot for a few weeks to see if that calf would shrink too! :)

I’m walking more each day getting at least 10,000 steps throughout the day. I take the bus to work as I’m not ready to deal with the subway crowds and the steps and so instead of transferring buses I walk the second half of the trip, or approximately a mile.  The more I walk the easier it gets and I’m trying to walk a little longer each time. I have almost no limp and can walk the mile in about 20 minutes now. Not quite NYC speed, but since I’ve shaved off 10 minutes I’m quite happy with that.

I am able to do a couple standing heel raises now, though any attempt to walk on my tip toes is met with complete failure. Not even a single step yet. My tendon is still pretty tight, but my PT showed me how to massage it better and I’m finding that that has really helped me a lot so I make sure to do this every day.

As I look back at where I was just a few weeks ago and where I am now, I am happy with my forward progress.

2 Responses to “3 month follow up”

  1. That sounds very positive, and 20 minute miles sounds good to me.

    Unlike you I don’t like my new puny calf… particularly given that it is currently very hairy!

  2. Funny - both my calves are nearly the same size and have been since I switched to two shoes. I think I spent too much time on the couch when recovering and my other calf shrunk too. Not to mention that my injured calf was always slightly larger than my good calf.

    Seems that you and I are very close in terms of time and recovery! Glad you are doing well.

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