11 weeks in

11 Weeks in and I have finally started PT. I know this is late compared to many, but my OS didn’t want me starting until this month since I stretched my tendon when I took a really bad fall during PWB. I’ve been walking in two shoes (sneakers) with heel lifts in each since Labor Day, but switch to real shoes when I am in the office (also with lifts).  Pain is not so bad, but after walking for a bit, my heel will hurt, my tendon feels tight and my foot will swell.  Standing for too long in one place gets painful far too quickly for my liking. I basically have no calf strength though that is slowly improving. I don’t use my crutches at all which I’m really happy about - but I’ve had to compensate right now by taking much smaller steps than I normally would.  I found that whenever I took longer steps, I started to develop either a stronger limp or an inclination to turn my injured foot inward as it was less painful that way.  I am not yet to the point of pushing off with my toes as I walk but I practice this at home with exaggerated movements. (Read that tip on one of the blog’s here and so I adopted it myself!)

PT today was a run-through of what happened and where I am. Then an examination of  my tendon and my ROM. My PT was surprised at my ROM as I have regained nearly all of it - just no real strength behind it. I have been doing passive motions for weeks now (circles, reverse circles, Alphabet, flexing, etc.) so the ROM did not surprise me. She spent most of today massaging the calf, tendon and foot to break up scar tissue. Hurt just a bit, but felt good as I could feel things loosening up. We then did some front, back and side movements against the pressure of her hands.  In addition to what I’m doing already at home I’m to do seated heel raises (3 x 10) and seated toe raises (3 x 10).  PT is again on Wednesday and we’ll start working on building the calf muscle… she mentioned we’ll most likely start with the bike.

All in all, I continue to see progress and am glad to be moving forward. We go on vacation in the middle of October and so I’m hoping that by then I’m walking pretty normal.

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  1. Nice work! I too have the weak toe push on the stride and I’m trying the exaggerated step. My pt recommended that as well. Good luck with pt!

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