2 shoes!

Like all of you before me, just as I got comfortable FWB in the boot with no crutches, it’s time to move on to 2 shoes and start all over again!  Those first few steps certainly were strange and it still is somewhat strange.  Definitely more painful on the top of my foot and the heel than the boot was. Plus, I find it a bit more tiring by the end of the day that I end up limping toward the end.  Still experiencing swelling which isn’t helping things and I hope will eventually go away.  I’ve been easing in the two shoes and only doing this at home as I strap on my sneakers with lifts in each shoe.  While I can tie the right shoe normally, I had to open the laces up quite a bit on the left foot.  I am icing and elevating it at least once during the day in the office and then again at night.  The tendon is still tight, but at least it now feels thicker and sturdier than just a few weeks ago. I was really worried it was too thin and would not have the strength for me to walk on it, but that was quickly proven wrong.  And, though I’m not walking far yet, I am tracking the number of steps per day and am building that up gradually each day.  My worry now is the decent sized bump I have right where the tendon was stitched together. I hope this will, in time, go away. Otherwise, my days of nice shoes may be severely limited!

My plan for this long weekend is to wear the boot to work one more day tomorrow, but over the coming weekend transition fully to 2 shoes with the plan to return to work next week sans boot. It might have to be sneakers, but I’ve picked up some shoes and boots with sensible, sturdy and safe heels with the hope to use them instead.

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  1. I applaud you. I may have started walking before you, but I never liked wearing the boot or walking in it. I was way too stubborn. The bump where the tendon is normal that is natural according to my doctor. I didn’t have one, but I said it felt like I did. It still amazes me that we were neck and neck with the surgery. Now Random question, have you attended Physical therapy at all?

  2. Thanks Chris. I haven’t started PT yet - I begin next week and it’s just for strength training, absolutely no stretching according to my OS. I’ve only been doing active stretches at home and have most of my ROM back. The reason for holding off is because I stretched the tendon a bit when I fell during PWB.

  3. Today was my first day out of the boot all day! I actually walked about a mile after work. The only pain I had was in the heel pad on the bottom of my foot. It felt like it was bruised. Are either one of you experiencing that?

  4. Congratulations, Anababi! It seems you did indeed go straight from FWB to two shoes!

    I’ve been walking quite a bit now in my shoes (about 2 weeks) and I found my heel would hurt after walking or standing around for a long period of time. However, as I get stronger, it takes longer and longer for me to feel the ache and it isn’t as uncomfortable. I still have swelling after being on my feet for a long period of time but it isn’t too bad. It seems most of the swelling is near my ankle.

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