Definitely seeing progress on FWB

So, I’m a week into FWB and although I was supposed to be crutchless, it has taken me until today to get used to that an walk fairly well in the boot alone.  I was having real real difficulty managing the boot without any support so I decided I would start with the single crutch on the opposite side. It gave me a bit of comfort knowing that I had something to help with the balance, plus I felt like I could walk more upright and with less of a duck-limp-gait.  But, each night, after work, I’d walk around the apartment without the crutch, taking slow, deliberate steps and paying attention to how I walked.

Today, which is one week later, I feel like I am finally mostly comfortable in the boot. I say mostly only because I don’t walk at what I would consider a normal pace, but I can see progress. And even my husband has told me that he can see a big difference in how I am walking.  I owe a lot to these pages because every time I got frustrated I’d search the blogs and re-read all the tips and tricks that have been posted.  And then try and implement those tips on my own walk. It was encouraging to hear how others got past the mental block, managed the awkwardness of being in the boot and trusting yourself to stand on the injured leg. Everything kept me going.

What also helped me was to play around with different sneakers (even trying my husband’s sneaker since we are similar sizes), heel lifts, even ups, etc. on my good leg until I found the best combination that kept me level and was easy to walk in.  My winning combination turned out to be my own sneaker with two sets of heel lifts and an orthotic. Although the even-up helped level me a bit, I think it was creating a drag on my walk and so it made it more difficult for me to lift the right foot.  Removing that and putting all the lifts inside the sneaker made all the difference. Of course my heel is near the top of the sneaker, but it does not slip out so I don’t worry about that.

And, if all continues to go well, I was told I can move to two shoes (with lifts in each) in a week!  I plan on trying this out over Labor Day weekend.  Now that I’m back at work full time it would be really great if I can start September bootless!

Thanks again to everyone who posted in the past, posts now and comments all over these blogs.  This really has been a wonderful resource for me in my road to recovery!

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  1. Yay! Congrats. In the next weeks, you’ll have days when you feel like you aren’t making progress. But things will click. At least that’s how it is with me. Keep up the good work and do your stretches and exercises. Good luck.

  2. That’s great news! Ive been bootlegs for three days now. It feels totally different again and having to get used to different giggles and walking. I feel that my walk is worse now , more of a limp than in boot, but am sure that it will all come good once I start physio next week.( seems a bit late to start I know) . Good idea to try two shoes a little before boot goes. I found my trainers/ ’sneakers’ rubbed at the back a little so reluctantly bought a pair of crocs yesterday. Support well but no rubbing. I know they definitely don’t look very glamorous but they are most helpful at this point, may help you. Good luck and keep us posted. Take care.

  3. Whoops- bootless not bootlegs and niggles not giggles( although there need to be some of those too

  4. Congrats, just know that each day you will get stronger. With me it was like night and day. So each day the weight bearing became more tolerable. So use the crutch if you need to. Two shoes is a very scary place, I started no shoes weight bearing in therapy, before I had two shoes and even then It feels strange with the sneaker on the AT, I don’t know if it helps, but the moment I wake up I put my shoes on and sit down for 30 minutes pressing my foot down doing a full range of motion with the shoes on.

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