First Steps… FWB

So, at today’s follow-up appt, my OS said it’s time to ditch the crutches and go FWB in the boot. I knew this was coming and had been trying to get my mind to catch up with what I needed to do for a few days now. I could stand in the boot but still could not pick up the good right leg to take a step. We talked about it along with where I go next. He wants me to only be in the boot for 10 days-14 days at most and then go to 2 shoes. As he put it, when I’m comfortable in the boot, switch to the shoes.  I can wear either a shoe with a lift in it or a shoe with a small heel, just no flats.  So, you know what that means…. shoe shopping! :)

Because I stretched my tendon when I fell and it’s still not as thick or strong as he would like it, he wants me to continue with active stretching only.  I have been doing that and have seen great progress doing just that.

Anyway, after getting home from work tonight, I did finally get some steps in the boot sans crutches!  Jerky small steps, but steps just the same. I think I will still use my crutches getting to/from work tomorrow, but tomorrow during the day and over the weekend keep practicing my walk.  I’m having a little trouble trying to “roll through” the step but I know I can get that working right.

Thanks to everyone for the tips and tricks to get over the mental block. I’m grateful to each of you sharing your story and giving me encouragement to get through this.

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  1. Annababi, this (going to FWB) is literally a big step in your recovery, but it sounds like you’re ready. I know it’s hard, but you need to trust that your injured leg will support you and your boot will protect your injured leg. Once you get over that mental hurdle, the physical aspect of walking FWB will likely be easier in comparison. This is an exciting time–good luck! -David

  2. Can only agree with David, go for it and you won’t look back!! It feels FANTASTIC to be crutch free :-). Take good care though!

  3. I’m assuming you have even ups. I eased myself in also but once you ditch the crutches, you’ll never look back. I still keep a pair in the car even though I never touch them. Actually, I just forgot to take them out

  4. Congrats on taking your first step!!! As I said before, it is more mental more than anything at this point.

    vegasjoey mentioned Evenups - do you have them? I highly recommend them to help keep your other leg more even to the boot. I was using high wedged sandals and those were fine until I started walking longer than 15-20 minutes (around the block and to go shopping, etc.) so I just bought mine last week. Much more comfortable! Of course, I am supposed to start two shoes next week and have been practicing in my house so my regret is not buying them sooner since I will only get such a short time with them!

  5. Thanks vegasjoey and atr2014. Yes, I did get the Evenup for my right foot and have been using it since I went PWB. It does help, but I think i’m still off slightly and might put an additional lift in my shoe. I have taken more steps today but am still struggling with an even gait. I also find the first step the hardest, probably because I’m thinking about it and not just doing it. It’s the roll through that isn’t smooth just yet. I hope to work that out in the next few days as I move away from the one crutch to none. My left does hurt a bit in the heel and I find that I’m getting more of the “nerve pinches” like I had in the beginning. Kind of like a quick pin prick on the tendon. Goal is to work on it this weekend so hope to make this more natural as I really want to move to shoes!

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