Could be worse

Yesterday was not one of my better days.  So, after my fall last week, I was extremely nervous about my appointment this week with my OS. I knew my foot was bruised and all I could imagine was that I did real damage.  I took it extremely easy this week, keeping my foot elevated as much as possible and not pushing myself with any flexing in the evening.  When I saw my OS, I told him what happened.  He pushed and prodded on my foot, flexing it more than I can on my own unassisted, ran his finger all along my tendon, checked out the scar, etc.  End result - I did not tear or re-rupture my tendon (yay) but I did stretch it a slight bit as he could feel the gap where the stretch was (boo).  To be honest, I could feel that myself but I thought it was far worse.

Relief? Just a little, because I then got totally deflated as he told me that he wanted me to do one more week NWB.  Ugh! My heel is pretty bruised and banged up - the discoloration is slightly greenish and it is very sore to the touch.  I still have some scabbing on my scar where my foot had re-bled as well.  At least I can still take my boot off at night and to shower using a chair. And, starting Thursday I will begin the NWB portion of my journey.

The boot I am in keeps my heel flat - 90 degrees or neutral? - as I don’t have any lifts in it and have always been at this angle since starting in my boot.  And I can flex my foot on my own without any assistance a bit. I continue to do that every evening as well as lightly massage my leg a bit to warm up the area and along the scar. I also ice it at night a bit since this hot weather and the fall makes it a bit swollen, though not as bad as the first few weeks.

Anyway, this is what my scar looks like right now. You can see the bruising along the ankle.


4 Responses to “Could be worse”

  1. Nice scar, my one looks horrible at the bottom, I kinda had the same scare, when I put too much weight on my bad foot i.e stepping off my good foot to test myself, took the boot off can still move the foot somewhat so good for now. Watch out and be more cautious, having to start the whole process again would suck.

  2. Glad it wasn’t the worst, but sorry you got set back a little. Hang in there.

  3. That bruising near the sole of the foot seems pretty standard after both the ATR and the surgery. There’s inflammation, internal bleeding, and clotting from both, then gravity makes all the visible bruising drop, until it can’t drop any farther, and there it sits until it fades.

  4. Be patient with the WB. It will all come good given time. It could have been worse. Scar looks neat though. You take care

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