Took a fall today

Been doing so well until today.  I am still NWB, 4 weeks post-op and using crutches when I have to go out. Tonight was a night out with family for a family birthday.  Did well until I had a bad fall forward trying to step into my sisters house.  It is just one step up, but my foot got caught on the ledge and down I went.  Although I fell mostly to the right I did hit my left foot hard in the boot.  Painful!  I crawled to the couch, got up on it and Immediately elevated my leg.  We took off my boot and put ice on the ankle.  Took some Advil as well. Had a little bleeding in one spot where the stitches were but that stopped with some gauze and light pressure.

Hopefully I did not do any real damage as I am due to go to PWB this Thursday as that will be 5 weeks post-op.  My foot is definitely swollen and I think I bruised a bit by the ankle.  My prayer is that nothing tore and that this does not set me back any.

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  1. Oh no , poor you! Sounds like you did all the correct treatment straight after though. You have to be so careful. I remember having a few stumbles when NWB on crutches. It does become so much easier when PWB. Hope you’re resting up and wish you well. Keep us posted.

  2. Sorry to hear that - hope that this doesn’t effect you in any way in terms of your progress. Please let us know how your post-op appointment goes next week.

  3. Good luck! One reason I like the modern fast protocols better is that you get away from scary NWB crutch walking sooner, moving to safer PWB and much safer FWB sooner. I don’t think slower OSs think about that (or the evidence) when they assume that slower is safer.

  4. I think most of us ATR patients have had at least one slip-up/fall while NWB. I know I had 2, the last of which scared me because it hurt much more than the first (but all was fine). Thankfully, very few of these mishaps ever result in re-ruptures. The splints, casts, and boots we wear while NWB are all quite protective of healing Achilles’ tendons. Good luck and good healing! -David

  5. Hope everything is okay. I was so paranoid at that same. Good luck.

  6. Thanks everyone. I really appreciate the support. I am taking it very easy these days and keeping my leg elevated as much as possible. I am a bit sore from the fall so going easy was in order anyway. It is frightening to think I may have injured my tendon but I am going to think positive until I know more on Thursday.

  7. Hope it was good news today, and no further damage found.

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