NWB Boot Week 1 down

First week of being NWB in the boot is over! Two more to go before I see my doc again and hopefully  move to PWB.  I know it’s a long road ahead, but I have to say I’m already tired of this boot that I can’t wait until the end. :) The highlight of the day is taking it off at night to sleep.  By the end of the day I need it.

This week I went to the office for 2.5 days and worked home the rest of the time. Definitely an effort to get out and about, but it felt good to be around others and in a different location than my living room. It sure was tiring though. Decided to order a portable desk that I can use while working from home so I can keep my leg up and comfortable. Should get that tomorrow so I’ll have it for the next few weeks as I plan on working from home most days for awhile longer.

I finally managed to take a look at my incision. The stitches were removed a week ago. Every night I make sure to put some lotion on my leg and foot, though I am avoiding the incision at this point. I wash it carefully in the shower though. Mostly it’s my foot that feels dry and tight so the lotion helps with that.


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  1. That looks a lot prettier than my wound. Mind if I ask a couple of questions? What is it like to have the boot on at night?

  2. Be glad that you aren’t in a cast like me. I still don’t know how you are able to post photos. I’ve tried and I get a blank screen when I insert it into my blog.

  3. Chris89, i don’t have to wear the boot at night. My foot gets hot in the boot and a bit sweaty so taking it off really helps to cool it down. I can’t flex it much because things are stiff but it is nice to wiggle it a little.  I definitely have been sleeping better since I could take the boot off.

    Atr2014, i am fortunate not to be in a cast. After the first two weeks in the plaster cast I had had enough. As for pictures I too get the blank screen and could not get it o work, but I finally figured a way to do it.  First I upload the using the media link on the left of the dashboard. After that, i go to the post and click on the star for inserting photos.  Next, select Media Library and then your photo.  Once it opens, there is a Link URL box where you will see the file path and name (if it is not populated click on the file url button).  Copy that path and just close the box. Click on the HTML tab for your post, put your cursor where you want it and click on “img” button.  Paste the file path in the dialog box. Click OK, enter a name and OK again.  Then click on the visual tab and you should see your photo.  Convoluted, I know, but it finally worked for me that way.

  4. Some of us sleeping in boot still

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