Injury and Diagnosis

Starting my blog a bit late so I’m using this one to catch up on what happened.  I tore my Achilles tendon on June 6th while vacationing with my husband in Vietnam.  We were down in the Mekong Delta and I was attempting to step up and into a boat.  I had my right leg on top of the boat, about two feet off the ground, and was attempting to push off and up with my left leg when it happened. It felt like a bat to my leg and I immediately crumpled down from the pain. However, because this was our vacation, I did manage to get on the boat and to a chair where I could put my leg up.  We got some ice and I kept it iced for most of the ride.  I could walk on the leg, with some difficulty but spent most of the day with the leg up.  We got back to the hotel, ace bandaged my leg and rested it. We were heading home the next day so we didn’t go to the hospital in Vietnam but instead chose to wait to get back to the states.  With my leg bandaged and being wheelchaired throughout the airport, it was manageable.

Upon arrival home, I called and went in to see the doctor. He examined my leg, which by now I could actually walk on fairly well, but with a limp.  I just could not bend at the ankle much.  He also did an ultrasound which confirmed a tear and off to the orthopedic surgeon I went.  In the between time I did a lot of reading of both surgery and nonsurgical methods for repair to be prepared.

On to the orthopedic surgeon, who took an xray and exam and confirmed that it was torn. We talked through all options, but he said he recommended the surgical method primarily because it looked to be fully torn and although it would heal non-surgically, the tendon would end up being longer because scar tissue would have to fill in where the tear was. In the end, both would be fine, but he felt the surgery would result in a stronger tendon.  After talking it over with my husband, we both felt surgery was the way to go.

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