PWB at last

OK, so my dr. told me I could go to PWB tomorrow, but I decided I was ready to jump the gun and started tonight. I wanted to get in some practice before having to really use it tomorrow. I’m basically back at work in the office every day, though I am on slightly reduced [...]

Could be worse

Yesterday was not one of my better days.  So, after my fall last week, I was extremely nervous about my appointment this week with my OS. I knew my foot was bruised and all I could imagine was that I did real damage.  I took it extremely easy this week, keeping my foot elevated as [...]

Took a fall today

Been doing so well until today.  I am still NWB, 4 weeks post-op and using crutches when I have to go out. Tonight was a night out with family for a family birthday.  Did well until I had a bad fall forward trying to step into my sisters house.  It is just one step up, [...]

NWB Boot Week 1 down

First week of being NWB in the boot is over! Two more to go before I see my doc again and hopefully  move to PWB.  I know it’s a long road ahead, but I have to say I’m already tired of this boot that I can’t wait until the end. The highlight of the [...]

Back to work in the office… at least a little

This week I went back to work in the office.  Although I can work from home, I felt that I need to get in the office at least a couple days of the week so I could meet with my team and others.  I managed okay, but boy, is it exhausting! I never realized how [...]

First post-op appt

On Thursday, July 3, I had my first post-op appointment.  The goal was to take the plaster cast/splint off and if all looked well, put me into a boot.  It was a major relief to get the splint off, because that darn thing was so heavy on my leg. It was now 14 days since [...]

Surgery Day - June 20

Surgery was scheduled for June 20th.  This was now 14 days after the tear.  After learning that it was torn, I talked to my work and coordinated my working from home for some time.  Although I could move and get around, it wasn’t very easy and living in NYC, was difficult managing the subways. Stairs [...]

Injury and Diagnosis

Starting my blog a bit late so I’m using this one to catch up on what happened.  I tore my Achilles tendon on June 6th while vacationing with my husband in Vietnam.  We were down in the Mekong Delta and I was attempting to step up and into a boat.  I had my right leg [...]

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