My journey is complete…?

About 4 months ago when I first found this blog, I had put 118 days to recovery…figuring going the aggresive route should hopefully have me there.  I read/heard a number of stories both on this blog about the incredibly long recovery time, etc.–and that could get downright depressing…so I made conscious decision to do my best to not be one of those statistics.

From a physical standpoint, I am doing great.  When I first get up in the morning the AT is still stiff, and if I run right away I need to stretch it and do some exercises to get it warmed up before hitting the treadmill.  However, if I run later in the day it just plain feels great–in fact it’s the rest of my body that complains, as it had gotten used to couch potato mode.  My calf is still smaller by about 2 cm or so, and strengthening that seems to be the last piece of the puzzle.  I can flex the ankle on my repaired AT to 20 degrees, compared to 22 for my good ankle.  I was at 17 degrees about 2-3 weeks ago, which is considered in the normal range.  My last doctor appointment was also 2-3 weeks ago–and Dr. Askew pretty much said have at it, and that I didn’t need to see him again.  This past Saturday I ran 3 miles at about a 9.5 min pace, which is slow for an “”in shape” me but I was happy with it, all couch potato habits developed in the last 4 months considered.  I can do squats, do leg curls/extensions and lunges just fine.  Toe raises are my biggest focus right now, and I can do those with one foot–I can’t get as high as I would like but that is coming along too.

With spring and a new baby coming soon my posting might be coming to an end, but I may occasionally check the status of people who are at similar stages.  Good luck to all–the new “hello worlds” we see every week, the vets that are almost a year in or past, and especially to those who suffered the ill-fated rerupture.

So, in regards to being “recovered”?   I would say I am about 90-95%, but that depends on your viewpoint, as everyone needs to run their own race.  To quote Kurt Vonnegut: “Sometimes you’re ahead, sometimes you’re behind. The race is long and, in the end, it’s only with yourself.”  I am happy with where I am, and while my journey may not be 100% yet I feel damn good being where I am at.

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  1. Hey Andy,

    I’m just a week behind you and also am happy with my recovery. Biggest challenge for me is also the one-leg toe raises on the bad leg. I can’t yet get full lift but it is getting better and better. Over the last few weeks I’ve returned to playing tennis, my main sport, but definitely taking it easy for now. Pushing off on the left leg, which is part of the service motion for a right-hander, is going to remain a challenge for some time, I think. One exercise I like a lot for calf strength/leg stability is stepping up on a high bench with your bad leg while holding a medicine ball (10 lbs or so) and then doing a chopping motion coming across your body from high to low, one side to the other, while keeping the other leg bent at the knee. My PT prefers that I continue to use stationery bike and precor machine instead of running on track. I do use anti-gravity treadmill to run, which allows me to run pretty fast and without any limp.

    One thing I’ve learned from all this is the importance of a good attitude.

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