Wow! Different PT today…

This morning my regular therapist, DaRinda, was gone so I had another woman who works with her, Jenny, as my PT today.  Jenny had me do some different stretching/exercises (holy cow I have no flexibility in my hamstrings) and they felt great…the hurt-so-good type of stuff.  One was flat on my back with legs straight up–just doing to raises pushing up on a bar that was held down with springs.  The hammies got pinged as I had to keep my legs as straight as possible and head back.  Great though!

However, the most important thing was the use of a little laser device to try to break up scar tissue (it took literally just seconds to do).  I told Jenny that about an inch above my incision there was a 2 inch X 2 inch patch directly on top of my AT that was hard and stiff–and I did bug me a little as I have been doing strength training/running.  So first Jenny rubbed the crap out of it and then said she was a fan of the laser tool and it was worth a shot.  She also told me to pay attention to how long it feels good after I finish PT (it always feels great as it is all warmed up).  It has been 5 hours, including a lot of desk time, and I have never walked so easily or effortlessly since before the ATR!!  Jenny said she could talk to DaRinda and let her know whether or not it helps and continue the process if it does.  Lastly she told me what should have been obvious to me–she said scar tissue gets no blood flow naturally and to encourage the healing process we need to harass it a little–like rub it vigorously (OK, that was funny to type) multiple times a day.  I have definitely added that to my daily repertoire.

God bless DaRinda as she has been fantastic; it was just useful to have a second set of eyes/different experiences to try different things.  To all you fellow ATR’s in similar situations:  inquire about the laser, and at minimum massage the hell out of any scar tissue!!

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