Walking the dog and a quick little jog

January 29, 2009

Since taking out the last heel lift and going sans any walking/heel aids, the recovery has really taken off.  The repaired AT still feels tight if I try to stretch it, but not in a painful way.  Just 2 days ago I started walking our 2 gold retrievers again–a nice break for my pregnant wife and the dogs are happy too!  (Good to have the old man back, I walk farther.)  The walks have gone well and I end up walking faster and more naturally…the dogs like a quicker pace and with the damn North Dakota cold I do too, and actually mostly forgot about the AT.  Nice feeling.

I have weights in my downstairs and while lifting this week I tried legit toe raises on a small device I have…it also felt good and I’ll try to continue to build up some calf strength and flexibility.  So tonight my 2 year old wanted to chase me as we were playing downstairs.  I started my little half limp/run, and much to my surprise I could actually jog!!  With newfound excitement I did a few short jogs back and forth and it feel tight and a teeny bit of pain at the repair point, but much better than I would have expected.  Maybe running in 2-3 weeks isn’t so far after all!