Shoes, 9 week post op, and the light at the end of the tunnel

Just a quick message as I had another post op with Dr. Askew yesterday.  Tomorrow is 9 weeks, and he said it looked incredible–he had a med student in with him, and pointed out to her he went with early movement, etc. with me, to point out the benefits.  I am down to just plain 2 shoes (no heel lifts), which is awesome…I still stick to my running shoes for a little bit yet because of the comfort factor.  I still have a little limp as I don’t have the “push” of my toes when I walk yet…hopefully that is around the corner.   My heel gets sore, and I think it is because I still rely on it more that my forefoot–I haven’t gotten that natural roll all the way back.  I still wear my compression sleeve (I remember someone posting a question about those), and it does seem to help a lot with swelling, so I might keep that for awhile before moving to a thinner, white one.

Dr. Askew also asked if I was a runner, to which I replied yes, I was.  He then gave me a peek at the light at the end of the tunnel, and said I could start running in 4 weeks!!!  That will be 13 weeks post op, and that is kind of my own stretch goal anyway.  I am still thinking wow, I have some work to do to get there.  So I love shoes…hence me commenting on Maestro’s new kicks in his video!  So no heel lifts opens up the shoe world again soon!!  Being able to run puts the plan in place for some new running shoes as well!!

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