Cruisin’ at 8 weeks

I can’t believe 8 weeks have passed since the fateful night my Achilles decided it had enough.  It has actually gone pretty fast, yet slow at the same time.  Fast because 8 weeks have zipped by, but slow in the fact that I hate being so damn…unathletic?   I shouldn’t complain as I can do a lot, but not being able to run or play basketball pretty much sucks.  I can walk pretty well, still having one heel lift.  Any time a shoe/slipper isn’t around with a heel lift I can walk OK with nothing, so I might just give it a go with no heel lift and see how it feels.  I actually wanted to try it by now but tweaked my neck and reaggravated an injury form a year ago when the Maui surf made an example out of me.  That being the case I have been taking ibuprofin the last few days so I think it might skew how good my Achilles really feels.

All in all it feels pretty good, unless I am chasing my son Charlie or playing with our dogs, at which point I halfway jog and cut etc.  Surprisingly that isn’t all bad.  DaRinda has me still biking and doing leg presses, and she has added the little disc with the half ball on the bottom for ankle movement…rotating the edge of the disc on the ground with my foot to get flexibility back in my ankle.  I also do light toe raises, still favoring my repaired AT but still trying to build some strength…it feels just fine to do that.  Every once in awhile it will just be sore at the repair site, which comes as no surprise to me and I don’t think much of it.  I try to walk as normal as possible…try not to limp or favor the repaired AT.  Man, that is a challenge and good PT in itself.

Next week is my next doc appointment and will be 9 weeks. Based on my last appointment I don’t think I would get the green light to go nuts on rehab for another few weeks (based on his comments that it fully heals in 8-12 weeks) but it’s hard to say.  Scar tissue is still nonexistent, and as long as I wear my compression sock no swelling really occurs either.  I wonder how long I’ll have to wear that?

What is crazy is all the new “Hello world” links every week…makes me appreciate how common this injury is and for every new “hello world” I cringe a little as someone will be undertaking this same event.

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  1. Sounds like great progress. Congratulations. Wondering how long you bike for and at what kind of resistance level? I’m 7 weeks post-op and seem to be doing similar rehab (bike, leg press). Went to the pool for the first time today and did a lot of walking on the shallow end to try to get the kinks out of my limp. Also did some crawl kicking which felt very good. Hope it well help with ankle flexibility that sees to be reason why limp is hard to break at this stage.

    I’ve also been amazed at how many people have had this injury. When someone learns for the first time about ATR, they usually have their own ATR story to tell about someone they know. The positive side is that the stories almost always have a happy ending!

  2. Thank you, it has been going well. I usually bike for about 20 min, varying the resistance based on how hard I want to push my legs–the AT itself feels good and as you probably know you can shift your foot to a different part of the peddle to vary the stress on the AT. It’s actually my legs that get tired! I know what you are saying on the ankle–that seems to be what hinders me right now too. The disc exercise I described should help with that?

    It sounds like you are doing great too, which is good to hear. I enjoy reading up on others that are in our timeframes and hearing good news as well! Good luck to us.

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