Walking the dog and a quick little jog

January 29, 2009

Since taking out the last heel lift and going sans any walking/heel aids, the recovery has really taken off.  The repaired AT still feels tight if I try to stretch it, but not in a painful way.  Just 2 days ago I started walking our 2 gold retrievers again–a nice break for my pregnant wife and the dogs are happy too!  (Good to have the old man back, I walk farther.)  The walks have gone well and I end up walking faster and more naturally…the dogs like a quicker pace and with the damn North Dakota cold I do too, and actually mostly forgot about the AT.  Nice feeling.

I have weights in my downstairs and while lifting this week I tried legit toe raises on a small device I have…it also felt good and I’ll try to continue to build up some calf strength and flexibility.  So tonight my 2 year old wanted to chase me as we were playing downstairs.  I started my little half limp/run, and much to my surprise I could actually jog!!  With newfound excitement I did a few short jogs back and forth and it feel tight and a teeny bit of pain at the repair point, but much better than I would have expected.  Maybe running in 2-3 weeks isn’t so far after all!

Shoes, 9 week post op, and the light at the end of the tunnel

January 20, 2009

Just a quick message as I had another post op with Dr. Askew yesterday.  Tomorrow is 9 weeks, and he said it looked incredible–he had a med student in with him, and pointed out to her he went with early movement, etc. with me, to point out the benefits.  I am down to just plain 2 shoes (no heel lifts), which is awesome…I still stick to my running shoes for a little bit yet because of the comfort factor.  I still have a little limp as I don’t have the “push” of my toes when I walk yet…hopefully that is around the corner.   My heel gets sore, and I think it is because I still rely on it more that my forefoot–I haven’t gotten that natural roll all the way back.  I still wear my compression sleeve (I remember someone posting a question about those), and it does seem to help a lot with swelling, so I might keep that for awhile before moving to a thinner, white one.

Dr. Askew also asked if I was a runner, to which I replied yes, I was.  He then gave me a peek at the light at the end of the tunnel, and said I could start running in 4 weeks!!!  That will be 13 weeks post op, and that is kind of my own stretch goal anyway.  I am still thinking wow, I have some work to do to get there.  So I love shoes…hence me commenting on Maestro’s new kicks in his video!  So no heel lifts opens up the shoe world again soon!!  Being able to run puts the plan in place for some new running shoes as well!!

Cruisin’ at 8 weeks

January 14, 2009

I can’t believe 8 weeks have passed since the fateful night my Achilles decided it had enough.  It has actually gone pretty fast, yet slow at the same time.  Fast because 8 weeks have zipped by, but slow in the fact that I hate being so damn…unathletic?   I shouldn’t complain as I can do a lot, but not being able to run or play basketball pretty much sucks.  I can walk pretty well, still having one heel lift.  Any time a shoe/slipper isn’t around with a heel lift I can walk OK with nothing, so I might just give it a go with no heel lift and see how it feels.  I actually wanted to try it by now but tweaked my neck and reaggravated an injury form a year ago when the Maui surf made an example out of me.  That being the case I have been taking ibuprofin the last few days so I think it might skew how good my Achilles really feels.

All in all it feels pretty good, unless I am chasing my son Charlie or playing with our dogs, at which point I halfway jog and cut etc.  Surprisingly that isn’t all bad.  DaRinda has me still biking and doing leg presses, and she has added the little disc with the half ball on the bottom for ankle movement…rotating the edge of the disc on the ground with my foot to get flexibility back in my ankle.  I also do light toe raises, still favoring my repaired AT but still trying to build some strength…it feels just fine to do that.  Every once in awhile it will just be sore at the repair site, which comes as no surprise to me and I don’t think much of it.  I try to walk as normal as possible…try not to limp or favor the repaired AT.  Man, that is a challenge and good PT in itself.

Next week is my next doc appointment and will be 9 weeks. Based on my last appointment I don’t think I would get the green light to go nuts on rehab for another few weeks (based on his comments that it fully heals in 8-12 weeks) but it’s hard to say.  Scar tissue is still nonexistent, and as long as I wear my compression sock no swelling really occurs either.  I wonder how long I’ll have to wear that?

What is crazy is all the new “Hello world” links every week…makes me appreciate how common this injury is and for every new “hello world” I cringe a little as someone will be undertaking this same event.