Almost 6 wks post op

December 28, 2008

So with the holidays I wasn’t able to give an update after my 5 week post op last Tuesday.  I first had some PT with DaRinda and then my appointment with Dr. Askew.  PT went really well, and my foot can get to neutral!  90 degrees is a great thing!  :)  My appointment with Dr. Askew also went well–he said it is looking perfect and as good as possible 5 weeks after surgery and there was no scar tissue build up (awesome!).  He also commented that is why he likes early movement in such surgeries as scar buildup is less likely.  I told him DaRinda said I was neutral, which he said was good but said I shouldn’t try to go any further quite yet.  He said DaRinda might try some light strengthening this coming week, too.  I asked how long before the tendon is actually healed, and he said anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks, with 12 weeks when you are usually pretty good to go (aside from gaining flexibility, mobility and strength back).  So 1/2 done with being very careful, and then who knows how long of being just plain careful!

I also asked about my crutches, as I had been cheating a little at home and not using them often.  He said “oh sure, you don’t have to use them anymore unless you want to” which was also pretty cool.  That being said, I have been crutch free since last Wednesday–sometimes the AT gets a little tender and ankle sore from moving more than it has in a month, but overall it is not too bad.  I still have 2 heel lifts for the time being, but may go to one this week.  I still walk slowly and with an obvious hitch in my gait.  Funny, what actually hurts is the bottom of my heel because of the heel lifts–the things are like standing on little mini cinder blocks!!

Happy holidays to all and I hope all ATR recoveries are moving along nicely.