One month post op…blizzards and bikes

So it has been one month yesterday since my surgery, and a week and change on 2 feet.  So far so good, and I am still not trying to get too crazy.  However, since this IS North Dakota, winter strikes with a vengeance.  This week brought 18 hours of 54 MPH winds while dumping 10 inches of snow…wonderful.  Thankfully I have great neighbors who had my whole driveway cleaned up, mutlitple times!  I think there are some gift cards coming their way in the near future. 

On Monday night though I did some shoveling, as our front door steps and a few feet out had banks about 3 feet high…and given the -10 degrees F temp there was no way I was letting  5.5 month pregant Kasey out there.  She was still able to finger wag me with a sterm look on her face from the window, though–”WHAT ARE YOU DOING” was mouthed to me I think…I just pretended I couldn’t hear her.  It actually wasn’t bad, I just kind of stayed in one spot until some was done, then moved forward, etc.  My back was not a big fan since I didn’t use my legs much, but my guess is my Achilles was thankful.

My incision finally looks great, but I still wear my compression sleeve as it is supposed to really help with scar tissue and assisting the incision to heal flat.  I find that I can walk almost as well with no cruthes now, but still keep one around to assist.  With 2 crutches I can really control how much weight is on it, so I use one or two depending on how long I have been on my feet or if the AT is tender or not.

At PT yesterday I got to ride a recumbent bike!  Wow, that kind of feels weird but no pain.  I wonder if I just sort of “get ready” for pain?  In any case after DaRinda massaged the leg and the AT today it felt great…walking on it after getting it all warmed up from the massage was much better.  I have also been lifting upper body now too and it feels good to not be such a couch tater anymore.  Anyhoo back to work and healing.

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  1. You seem to respond to my posts with regularity and I appreciate your words. I read your blog and am hopeful that my recovery follows yours. Good job getting out and trying to work…this couch of mine is already old and I have been on it for 26 hours. I do know that I live in a loft and am very thankful I do not have to shovel. You are lucky to have neighbors who are helpful. That is one of the great reasons to live in this part of the country. Good luck achieving your goals. dax.

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