A few days with shoes…more sympathy looks!

December 12, 2008

First off I hope I’m not offending anyone or rubbing it in any faces that I am on 2 feet so soon…I consider myself pretty damn lucky!  So I am on day #5 with wearing two shoes, 2 heel lifts on my bum foot.  I am actually amazed at how good it feels to get some blood flowing to that area!  I have to be really disciplined not to want to skip the crutch(es) completely…Kasey let me have it last night as I was scooting around the kitchen sans any walking aids.  Truthfully though I feel pretty luck to be at this point.

At PT yesterday I asked about no CAM boot, and DaRinda (my PT) and crew just laughed and said, “Sorry, you’re kind of in uncharted territory for us!”  I take that as a good thing, and asked to measure my range of motion again–I am 6 degrees from 90 when I push my foot up, so that was cool.  The other ATR patient they have right now is a woman who is at 6 mos post op and still having trouble walking, has built up scar tissue, etc.–I feel for her and really hope things turn around.  As for PT for the next 3 weeks or so it will just be massaging the foot, calf and tendon to try to prevent scar tissue, and then I can start some light strength training on it.  (Not sure if DaRinda meant 6 wks post op, or 6 wks from now…in any case I’m chilling out for a few weeks.)

As far as walking it turns out when I was using one crutch I was using the wrong arm (d’oh!)!  Yeah, Andy is S-M-R-T smart smart smart.  It’s funny though–I move slowly with my one crutch and people still give all the sympathy looks and stuff, but I think to myself “you have no idea how nice this is compared to where I was 2 weeks ago”!  Actually though people are great and do their best to get out of my way–except for the Menonite/Huderite lady at Wal-Mart last night who about took me out just outside the door in her mad dash to meet her party.  I just about whacked her with my crutch!  (OK just kidding, it was nice to be totally ignored for once.  :) )

Anyway, I still go pretty slow and am still pretty paranoid about doing too much right now but love the 2 feet stage.