Two shoes 3 weeks after surgery!!

So I just go back from a PT appointment this morning, and was anticipating whether or not I would be in a boot yet or have to wait another week.  Needless to say I was shocked when, after speaking with my surgeon, DaRinda came out with 2 heel lifts.  I was instructed to use one or two crutches as necessary and focus on the proper walking gate–use more crutch to ensure I walk smoothly rather than hop or skip to compensate for my bum foot.  Dr. Askew said he was going to be aggressive with me, but wow I had no idea THIS aggressive.

So far so good, I can walk slowly with one or two crutches and it feels OK.  I am a little nervous to say the least, based on people far further along than I am who have suffered a rerupture.  I’m not sure how long this goes on, and was so surprised by this course of action that I never did ask “where’s the CAM boot??” 

Anyone who has any comments, suggestions, or similar rehab please post a comment, and I will keep updating moving foward.

4 Responses to “Two shoes 3 weeks after surgery!!”

  1. That sounds ideal. Congrats on your progress. If I am in shoes 3 weeks after surgery; I will be astonished and happy as hell.

  2. Thanks daxmatthew–I hope it continues to go well. I am really taking baby steps as of now and walking slowly.

  3. Hello. Hey man, 3 weeks out I was happy to be in the Cam boot. The one I have is study as heck. I moved furniture in this thing a day before my surgery (stupid, I know )and I had no pain in my Achilees at all. I would have been nervous as h#ll walking around with some heal wedges in my shoe but the less time you can spend in the boot, the less amount of muscle loss you will experience. Hope all goes well.

  4. Cool, I am happy to hear of someone else who had some aggresive timelines…I am feeling like a minority here! :) Also read up on you blog…LOL it’s aweseome, there’s nothing like good humorous posts to help us make light of what we’re going through.

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