Two shoes 3 weeks after surgery!!

December 8, 2008

So I just go back from a PT appointment this morning, and was anticipating whether or not I would be in a boot yet or have to wait another week.  Needless to say I was shocked when, after speaking with my surgeon, DaRinda came out with 2 heel lifts.  I was instructed to use one or two crutches as necessary and focus on the proper walking gate–use more crutch to ensure I walk smoothly rather than hop or skip to compensate for my bum foot.  Dr. Askew said he was going to be aggressive with me, but wow I had no idea THIS aggressive.

So far so good, I can walk slowly with one or two crutches and it feels OK.  I am a little nervous to say the least, based on people far further along than I am who have suffered a rerupture.  I’m not sure how long this goes on, and was so surprised by this course of action that I never did ask “where’s the CAM boot??” 

Anyone who has any comments, suggestions, or similar rehab please post a comment, and I will keep updating moving foward.