Minimally Invasive Surgery?

One cool thing I read about, and not sure if anyone reading this has had this done, but the minimally invasive version of Achilles rupture surgery.  (Waring: vid not suitable for queezy tummies.)  A tiny incision made cross-ways across the back of your leg, and then the sewing done via needles going in above and below the cut…crazy!  There is a dr in Maryland, Mark S. Myers, who seems to have pioneered this surgery and faster recovery.  He has dones studies where he has weight bearing in as soon as 10 days following surgery, with amazing results and low rerupture rates.   The theory behind it seems to be increased blood flow due to movement, which in turn encourages better/faster healing, all in a controlled weight bearing scenario.  I would be interested to read any stories of anyone who has had this done.  It’s too late for me but still fun to hear/read about actual people who recovered this way.

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