David Hasselhoff and Ear Infection + Tonsilitis

To quote the great (?) David Hasselhoff, I’ve been lookin’ for freeeedddommm!!”.   For those of you lucky enough to be unfamiliar with Dave’s fine display of musical skills (complete with Christmas light jacket and piano scarf), check it out here.  I also changed my blog theme. as the pink and light blue screamed a little bit too much Hasselhoff.  The reason for my freedom obsession is the recent rental of a Roller Aid!!  OK, so I look like I should have a helmet to use this but I can actually scoot around pretty good–and have a free hand.  I was able to pick up my 2 yr old Charlie last week and carry him for the first time in 2 weeks!  My wife Kasey thinks I need some plactic flowers and maybe a bell, too.  :)  It is just so nice to be able to hang up the crutches for awhile…I really only use them to get to the car from the house now and back…otherwise it’s straight Roller Aid!  A friend I work with has some messed up feet and has to have the bones broken and tendons streched in each, and he had elective surgery to get this done about a week before I ruptured my Achilles and was on crutches.  He test drove the Roller Aid on Monday and went and got one about 2 hrs later!   For anyone who reads this and can’t stand the immobility of crutches, the Roller Aid is worth a look.  I rented it for $60 for a month.  I also looked online at the one crutch (cheap and a free hand but not as risk free as the Roller Aid) and the I Walk Free (crazy expensive and limited places to rent, plus risky as well in terms of balance, IMO).  I thought about buying the I walk free and then reselling on eBay, but the time to wait for it to get here kind of makes it moot…which is a great segue too…

…possibly getting a walking boot next week!  As I wrote earlier I should find out Monday if I get a CAM boot or if I have to wait another week.  Right now my Achilles feels great, I have been good about wearing my compression sock and splint like a good patient so I think it is coming along.  I take no pain medication at all, not even ibuprofin.  My incision is not doing the greatest…the steri-strips covering the incision would end up trapping water and keeping it pretty wet.  It is not infected as of now (knock on wood!!) but I am being diligent about keeping it dry and clean–I dry it after the shower, let it air dry while eating breakfast, and then put breathable gauze on it under my compression sock.  Since I have read the number 1 problem post-Achilles surgery is infection in the incision I am a little nervous.

How does  Ear Infection + tonsilitis” relate to David Hasselhoff you might ask?  Well, it doesn’t, except that Charlie has had both the last 10 days.  Add that to not being able to help Kasey very much and not getting much sleep because of it and our household is one big mess!  Finally we seem to have turned the corner on that, after Kasey and I each worked only about 20 hrs. this week because of dr. appointments and the fact Charlie can’t be in daycare with a high temp.  (Don’t get me started on that…his health and well being is my first concern but he can’t give another child tonsilitis or an ear infection…grrrrr!)  The dogs think we have just given up on them since they get a short walk about 2-3 times a week vs. everyday when I am mobile.    Once again though…no complaints as it could be much worse.

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