More PT

This morning was my 3rd PT appointment.  What was interesting was that the PT (DaRinda) massaged my actual Achilles!  Wow, it just about put me through the roof…tender to say the least!  Prior to that the massage was just around my foot, ankle, and calf to help bring the swelling down, but since the incision is healing nicely she was able to hit the tendon itself.  Funny though, as “hurts to good” comes to mind–it was tender but at the same time felt good to get it massaged.

More (possibly) good news!  I have 2 PT appointments a week, and DaRinda suggested I make next week’s appointments and to make one on Monday midday, as Dr. Askew will be in.  As that will be 3 weeks post op she wants to see if Dr. Askew would like a CAM boot yet or straight crutches for another week.  I am open to either–excited to possibly get a boot, but at the same time apprehensive as to if it is OK yet!  I don’t have an appointment with Dr. Askew himself for another 3 weeks.  I did ask about putting my foot down for balance, like on my toes, and got the thumbs up to do that!

Tonight after work I am going to MeritCare Healthcare Accessories to test drive a knee roller.  That should help me ditch the crutches at work or home and provide a little more freedom to do stuff like carry my own water or coffee!  $50 for a few weeks of rented freedom sounds like a GRRREEAATT deal!  (To quote Tony the Tiger.) 

Other exiting news…I got a new test server at work (quad core w/ 8GB of RAM) AND my new smartphone ( came in the mail today too!  OK, I guess my inner nerd peeked out again there.

Back to work again!

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