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Good day…my name is Andy, and the name of my blog fits my unjury.  I am Mr. Statistic–a 34 year old male who was gearing up to play hoops for the season when WHAM!!  Blown Achilles in my second game on Sunday, November 16th.  !  I have the same story as just about everyone else–it felt like someone kicked my right heel or ran into it at high speed.  In talking to my teammates, however, no one was around me!  I knew right away…and strangely enough it was the one injury I was always worried about and heard horror stories about…the irony of what happened is not lost on me!  My right calf had been sore for a few months and I had strained it a couple of times, which most likely led to the Achilles rupture.  I want to kick myself (no pun intended) for not paying better attention to my body.  I have always been active, lift weights and run regularly, and had 20+ years of playing basketball with nothing more than a rolled ankle or pulled muscle. 

I was able to get the best ortho hospital in my town of Fargo, ND, the next day (Monday) with a great doctor, Dr. Mark Askew.  No x-rays or MRI’s needed–Dr. Askew took one look after hearing my story and felt the gap in my right Achilles in about 2 seconds.  We both agreed on surgery (the rerupture rates of non-surgical treatment scared me, 15-40%?) and much to my surprise I was able to get in the next day, Tuesday, November 18th.  (Once again, THANK YOU to Dr. Askew and his amazing staff for making this happen so quickly!)

Needless to say I am now at home with my foot up.  God bless the internet and my laptop!  Last night I slipped in the bathroom and had to put quite a bit of weight on my right foot–OOOOWWWWWW!!  I hope nothing serious was done, and will hold out the next day or so to see if I need to go in.  If everything goes well, Dr. Askew wants me to start putting weight on it in a week–an agressive schedule I am great with.  Hopefully things go well, and I hope to keep the story going in this blog.  Good luck to all who have come before me, and all who come after.  Congratulations on your successes and hang in there with any challenge you run into!  Now time to read some of those stories!

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