I am not a big fan of numbing drugs in general…I feel like it just removes me from my body and that pain you feel is supposed to happend–it keeps you in tune with your body to make sure you protect it.  That being said, I have enjoyed the oxycodone (Percocet) given for the pain.  It makes gives me some nausea, but I was thankfully given something else to combat that (exact name to be entered later, as they are a long way away on the kitchen counter :) ).  I was also instructed to take on aspirin a day and ibuprofin/acetametaphine as well.  I was also given some hydrocodone (Vicodin), which does nothing but make me sleepy–3 ibuprofin do far more in the pain deparment, so those might hit the trash.  The bad thing about the Percocet is the overall impact on my mental state:  tired and a little loopy–not a good combination to work or type or do anything besides veg on the couch.  Not exactly my style, so hopefully on a couple days left of this.  Of course my kidneys will lament the day the ibuprofin was increased to make up for the lack of other pain killing drugs!

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