Vacoped Boot is off - 8weeks

Hi All,

the Vacoped boot came off this morning. Such a relief. A little nervous though, as the boot was my security blanket.
Anyways, had my break down on the Physio i’m supposed to do. Did some exercises there and then and it felt fine and strong.

Tendon feels a little tender/Stiff, my calf has lost alot of muscle, but other than that i feel fine. Bought an old mans walking stick the other day. :)

Catch u all later.

5 Responses to “Vacoped Boot is off - 8weeks”

  1. Sounds great, but Watch Your Step!

  2. I was looking at vacoped boots to replace a cam walker that I received from my ortho. How did you like your boot. They are nearly impossible to find in the USA.

  3. I ordered mine from here and got it in a few days

  4. hi Peter,

    sorry for the late reply.
    yes i found the Vacoped boot very good indeed. easy to get around. a bit annoying keeping it on during the night, but i got used to it.

    recovery at the moment is going well. can do very light jogging for a short time. my heel hurts more than everything.

    good luck in trying to find one in the USA

  5. I posted a few days but my comment is still awaiting moderation for some reason. There’s a link right on this site’s homepage. . I got mine within 3 days.

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