Vacoped 5 weeks in

Hi All,

5 weeks into wearing the Vacoped now. Crutches have pretty much gone now, except when i go to work, just to get some extra sympathy :)
Next Tuesday the angle on the boot will change to 0 degrees. so extra stress on the tendon. but hopefully it is starting to strengthen up.
the Boot doesn’t really bother me as much as it did in the first few days. I’m still desperate to go for a drive, play footy, go to the shops without my wife taking me. Think she is just about sick of driving now.
Not doing any exercise at the moment, which is a pain. bought a rowing machine, so i’m hoping that will help with cardio and upper body strength.
anyways looking forward to having the level taken down, and a smaller “wedge” sole on the vacoped.

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  1. Hi Andy,
    just to let you know I had a print out of my protocol which is very like the UWO and they don’t reccomend rowing machines for six months in case of re rupture. Thought I’d mention it…How do you find the Vaco boot? I have an Aircast. I re ruptured at 13 weeks non op and since had the op so I’m bit more careful than most this 2nd time around.

  2. hi Sheena, good to know you.

    I’ve got used to the Vacoped now. Still would rather take it off, but its helped me in getting round. Weight bearing earlier on than in a cast. Plus its a good talking point lol

    Concerned about the Re-Rupture you had, was that doing anything in particular? because i do want to push myself, but know i have a long road to travel down before im fit and active.

    do you have the link to the protocols you mentioned?

  3. Wow - speedy work! I’m 7 weeks post op and only just persuaded consultant to let me weight bear at all, so still with both crutches and putting foot on floor for first time. Such a relief as all this hopping has made me really fearful of a good leg achilles rupture!
    I think you deserve a bit of work sympathy - this is a pretty horrid injury and the recovery a steep climb so make the most of the odd bit of healthy “poor me”!
    I would agree with Sheena about the rower. I’ve been reading round like mad being fully aware that I’m on a pretty conservative programme, but even the fast recovery guys have a warning about rowing and climbing ladders! Exeter hospital guidelines have you up and going as early as 2 weeks but say avoid the full leg rower for 6 months. Still good for the upper body but re-rupture risk on full lower leg use.
    Are you still on a rocker sole with the vacoped? No one seems to be able to tell me when to change to the wedge heel.
    Hope you’re feeling good about your recovery and best of luck with the next stage.

  4. Hi Susie

    How often are you being reviewed by the physio’s? My protocol was similar to Exeter’s and I was in a fibreglass cast for first 2 weeks, then just 2 more weeks with the big achilles sole attached to the boot. Then it was the ‘normal’ thinner sole and much easier. Weight bearing began after I started with the Vaco boot.


  5. Hi Susie,

    well i have a big wedge sole with the vacoped, with the angle set at 15-30 degrees.
    im hoping that next week (6weeks in boot) they will change to the flat vacoped sole. and the angle set at 0-30 degrees.

    Im same as Hillie, i was pretty much weight baring straight away in the vacoped. doctors said i could use the crutches or not. past week i’ve not needed them really. Im hoping this will be a good thing and encourage my tendon to heal gain strength quicker. thats the theory.

  6. Hi Andy,
    I wish I could say it was….I simply put one foot into a very gentle incline, pushed off and POP! I knew immediatley although it took an MRI to confirm…Just always remember what you’re nursing. I know I go on about this on this site but it’s just because I don’t want others to re rupture. It is soooo easy to forget what you had once it feels better.
    Also, don’t push off the side of the swimming pool when swimming….bad on the tendon. Just use your good foot and don’t walk down ladder steps into the pool for six months.

  7. Andy, if you go to the main page and look to the left for studies and protocols. . . click on it and the UWO Study is linked on that page, under op vs. non-op or some such. The protocol is also tucked into my blog page at (yes, that’s a URL, if not a link). Good luck.

  8. Hi Andy
    did you use anything to even up your other leg when wearing the big Vaco sole? I have just bought one and it is lovely but difficult due to height difference so have a high heeled boot on my other foot at the moment. When you walk do you weight bear just from the middle of your foot as your heel doesn’t touch the ground. In my none hinged Aircast I use my heel to take the weight.You are supposed to wear the big sole until 10 degrees PF. They sell an even up may have to order one.

  9. Hi Sheena,

    i wear High Heels!!! lol
    i don’t…seriously. just wear a trainer on my good foot.
    yes it is a pain being high up on one side. hopefully when i get the boot level down to 0 degrees it wont be as bad. Looking forward to tuesday when they adjust the height, then only 2 more weeks to take the boot off…hopefully.

    i use the full length of the foot, so i walk as normal just feels my ATR side is on stilts :)

  10. i have been wearing my vac-ped for 10 months now after rutpuring my calf muscle on 3 seperate occasions. have found it helpful with the injury hopeing nly to be wearing it another few months, they normally reduce the degree by one notch a week till flat then intense pysio and hydro.

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