Vacoped Boot is off - 8weeks

Hi All,
the Vacoped boot came off this morning. Such a relief. A little nervous though, as the boot was my security blanket.
Anyways, had my break down on the Physio i’m supposed to do. Did some exercises there and then and it felt fine and strong.
Tendon feels a little tender/Stiff, my calf has lost [...]

Vacoped 6weeks done! :)

quick update:- 6weeks done now in the Vacoped. Now i’m at this stage the time seems to have flown by. Which is good.
its still frustrating not driving, not exercising, not being able to take it off for showers/baths. but hey ho, only 2 weeks left now until it comes off.
So the nurse [...]

Vacoped 5 weeks in

Hi All,
5 weeks into wearing the Vacoped now. Crutches have pretty much gone now, except when i go to work, just to get some extra sympathy
Next Tuesday the angle on the boot will change to 0 degrees. so extra stress on the tendon. but hopefully it is starting to strengthen up.
the Boot doesn’t [...]