4 Weeks with VACOPED

well 4 weeks have certainly gone quick, after the initial first couple of days of feeling the world is at an end!
so the doctors have altered the angle of the boot now. so its 15-30degrees. so now i can walk almost like a normal person.
finally my tendon is starting to pull on my calf :)
then i go back in two weeks time to get the angle adjusted again to 0 - 30degrees.
On the 23rd October the boot finally comes off, hopefully. Cant wait to start physio, training, doing something to get active again. but i know i have to take things easy and not rush.
all the best to everyone with an ATR.

4 Responses to “4 Weeks with VACOPED”

  1. Hi there - wish you well, your recovery seems like it is progressing nicely.My boot is supposed to come off on 22 october, cannot wait….just be careful in the meantime - I have ended up with dvt but then again I have not had good follow up and ended up changing Dr,,,in my situation I have a tear and not had surgery,,

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