Vacoped Boot is off - 8weeks

Hi All,

the Vacoped boot came off this morning. Such a relief. A little nervous though, as the boot was my security blanket.
Anyways, had my break down on the Physio i’m supposed to do. Did some exercises there and then and it felt fine and strong.

Tendon feels a little tender/Stiff, my calf has lost alot of muscle, but other than that i feel fine. Bought an old mans walking stick the other day. :)

Catch u all later.

Vacoped 6weeks done! :)

quick update:- 6weeks done now in the Vacoped. Now i’m at this stage the time seems to have flown by. Which is good.
its still frustrating not driving, not exercising, not being able to take it off for showers/baths. but hey ho, only 2 weeks left now until it comes off.

So the nurse changed the angle down to 0-30degrees on Tuesday. I was almost skipping into the doctors, i came out hobbling :( the angle change was really weird. As soon as i put my foot down with full weight on it, my tendon stretched and boy did i feel it. that was quite a reality check, my tendon although healing is no way on earth ready. I obviously knew that beforehand, but i went into the doctors feeling like i was almost going to jog out of there with the angle lowered, how wrong i was. that day walking and getting out of cars was a real pain.
Wednesday evening i was still using the crutches. but a work outing to the Bowling Alley encouraged me to ditch the crutches and try and have a bowl. i managed 1 and half games until my leg was hurting, or i was bowling crap.
anyway today my leg felt a little tender, but ive managed to get through the morning without the crutches. So my tendon has learnt that i need its help. still a bit sore, but walking feels much better especially without the vacoped wedge sole.

so cant wait for the 23rd when the boot comes off.

Vacoped 5 weeks in

Hi All,

5 weeks into wearing the Vacoped now. Crutches have pretty much gone now, except when i go to work, just to get some extra sympathy :)
Next Tuesday the angle on the boot will change to 0 degrees. so extra stress on the tendon. but hopefully it is starting to strengthen up.
the Boot doesn’t really bother me as much as it did in the first few days. I’m still desperate to go for a drive, play footy, go to the shops without my wife taking me. Think she is just about sick of driving now.
Not doing any exercise at the moment, which is a pain. bought a rowing machine, so i’m hoping that will help with cardio and upper body strength.
anyways looking forward to having the level taken down, and a smaller “wedge” sole on the vacoped.

4 Weeks with VACOPED

well 4 weeks have certainly gone quick, after the initial first couple of days of feeling the world is at an end!
so the doctors have altered the angle of the boot now. so its 15-30degrees. so now i can walk almost like a normal person.
finally my tendon is starting to pull on my calf :)
then i go back in two weeks time to get the angle adjusted again to 0 - 30degrees.
On the 23rd October the boot finally comes off, hopefully. Cant wait to start physio, training, doing something to get active again. but i know i have to take things easy and not rush.
all the best to everyone with an ATR.

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