In the pool - real progress - 9 weeks

Wow…..get in the pool guys as soon as you can, post surgery!
So my personal trainer at the gym encouraged me to try and walk up and down the pool a few times to see how it went.  It’s chest high, same depth all the way, 20m long.
When you’re at the stage where you’re just starting [...]

Bye bye boot (8 weeks+3) and hello gym!

Man I really hated that boot…never got on with it at all.  I was hopeless at walking in it, never could get the whole rocking thing going depsite my physio trying to show me. So my leg was always out to the side….aagh the hip pain!
Still, I’ve now ditched the boot and am hobbling around [...]

Major progress - read this guys

Greeting from London….naturally it’s raining
It’s only been a few days since my last post but I wanted to get this post in asap having read the comment from iasablan and ty620 who are both on a similar timeline to me.
It’s quite a lengthy post this, but worth it, this will shave weeks off your [...]

One small step for man…

27 days post op….
So it’s been 9 long days since my last post.  I’m currently in an Aircast boot with 3 wedges
It’s been a very interesting few days though, as my consultant has changed the protocol I’m on for my recovery.
I was on the standard recovery protocol where I would normally still be NWB for [...]

Greetings from the sofa in London!

Leg elevated, typing from the sofa
You’ll already be able to tell from the word ’sofa’ that I’m in the UK, sunny London to be precise.
Full ATR playing cricket (Google it!) on June 17th 2017.  I’m now 18 days post op and all going well so far.  Had a the cast for 2 weeks [...]