In the pool - real progress - 9 weeks

Wow…..get in the pool guys as soon as you can, post surgery!

So my personal trainer at the gym encouraged me to try and walk up and down the pool a few times to see how it went.  It’s chest high, same depth all the way, 20m long.

When you’re at the stage where you’re just starting to walk in shoes, you’ll probably find it really difficult and hobble pretty badly but to the lack of stretch in your achilles.  You’ll get loads of exercises given to your by your PT but they’re pretty dull and not that rewarding in the early days.  Get in the pool and everything changes.  For the first length I was nervous and still hobbling but once I relaxed I was walking totally normally.  Full stretch, heel down first, step after step.  It felt incredible, a little sore of course but not painful. A really nice stretch feeling.  Even when I got out of the pool my gait was so much bigger.

Of course it stiffens up again but I’m in the pool everyday now and have even thrown in some swimming with a pull buoy (float between legs) so I don’t need to kick.  Feels great to finally be doing some cardio work. In just 6 days my wife says my walking has improved immensely.

I also saw my consultant yesterday and he doesn’t need to see me for another 3 months now which is great news at only 9 weeks. He says I’m ahead of schedule which is brilliant to hear, thanks to the accelerated protocol no doubt, and just need to keep up what I’m doing.  He did though recommend buying a pair of HOKA running shoes….I’d never heard of them but they have HUGE soles on them for ultra marathon runners.  Naturally I don’t intend to run any ultra marathons any time soon but he said they are wonderful in aiding recovery of any calf/achilles/tendo injuries.  Good advice….just on Amazon and take a look.

I also brought up with him the two words that terrifies anyone with an achilles rupture….healing long.  He made it very clear that it would take something incredible for me to heal long as I have had surgery.  Healing long is only a potential issue with conservative care. This is good news as I’ve been a little tentative with any dorsiflexion movements as I have those two words in my head, but not any more.  In his 20 years as a consultant he has never had a surgical repair on achilles rupture result in healing long.

Lastly for now, I’m sharing a great page I found with recovery tips.  I would whole heartedly agree with everything on this page -

Until next time, from London.


2 Responses to “In the pool - real progress - 9 weeks”

  1. You are a rock star!! And thanks for the link.

    I’m 11 wks and found the pool to be an amazing help. My biggest challenge is my head…I’m over protective of my ankle. Yet I did walk my 1st mile on my 11 week rupture date. That was amazing!!

    At 9 weeks, I had been “walking” for only a week. I was on the 4 NWB & 4 CAM walker protocol.

    I’ve heard a little about “healing long” but haven’t found much in sites. I’m assuming that’s an overstretch of the tendon. I do toe raises before I walk because my calf/tendon stiffens easily/quickly still. Is that a bad thing?

  2. Hey Andy,

    Good to know about the pool! I just re-ruptured mine and am trying to figure out how to best keep myself somewhat active. I’d actually never heard of healing long either, but it’s good to be aware of. Thanks for sharing the resources. This page is the best place to find all sorts of stuff!

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