Greetings from the sofa in London!

Leg elevated, typing from the sofa :)

You’ll already be able to tell from the word ’sofa’ that I’m in the UK, sunny London to be precise.

Full ATR playing cricket (Google it!) on June 17th 2017.  I’m now 18 days post op and all going well so far.  Had a the cast for 2 weeks and just got my boot at the weekend. Surgeon very happy with the wound, stitches out etc and start physio this week on day 20.

Some stats:

Male, Nearly 40, relatively fit, runner, golfer, cricketer.

I won’t rattle on about how I did it as you’ll all have read the same kind of thing hundreds of times, needless to say it popped, full rupture, it hurt and it got repaired by a surgeon two weeks later.

I wanted to blog my recovery mainly for people that do their ATR playing cricket as there don’t seem to be many (if any) blogs about getting back on to the cricket pitch.  I’m a wicketkeeper so that means squatting right down about 300-350 times a day on match days plus hundreds more times during the week.  The pressure this puts on the achilles is huge, plus lots of explosive pushing off for running up and down the wicket, it’s a wonder it doesn’t happen more regularly.

I’m in the ‘doing nothing’ stage which I find mind numbingly dull.  I’m lucky that I can work from home so that keeps me busy plus we have just had Wimbledon so that made the days go faster.

I would say the trickiest parts of recovery at the moment are firstly sleeping and secondly resisting temptation to stretch my heel around when the boot is off.

Sleeping…, that’s not east in this damn boot.  My tips would be to take off the plastic front cover (you only really need that for protection during the day) and loosen the bottom two straps.  Seems to work for me, plus I am carrying on with keeping my leg rested on 2 pillows at the end of the bed to keep the leg elevated above heart level.  Sleeping like that for over a month now has definitely helped with swelling which has already gone just about completely.

Temptation to stretch…..when the boot is off (heavenly!) I am constantly fighting the temptation to pull my toes back, push them forward.  Doing nothing with it takes a lot of concentration.  I have words of my surgeon ringing in my ears “you’ll be tempted to move it….DO NOTHING”……yes sir!

I’m on 4 wedges at the moment, consultant fitted the boot with only 3 but that was agony on my achilles so he put another one in there.  Going back in 2 weeks to be assessed and probably down to 2 or 3 wedges.

I’m keen to start exercising it but resisting so far apart from PWB on 2 crutches up and down the sitting room.  I can put a fair amount of weight on the foot so I’ll take that as a small victory.

That’s what I read a lot about, small victories, setting targets that are achievable, going about your business to achieve them and nothing more at this stage.  Patience I think they call it :)

Looking forward to phyiso this week although it’s early days so we are mainly going to discuss the next 6 months, layout the protocol so I can start to set myself those targets.

Atrophy… right calf muscle has all but turned to jelly :(  I’m finding it hard to come to terms with that but not a great deal I can do about it.  I live in a fairly idyllic village so can always find a good excuse to go for long walks, that’s my plan once given the go-ahead.  On the lookout for an exercise bike too at the moment, seems like a sensible thing to do having read many blogs on here.

I’ll update again in 2 weeks once had my next review with the surgeon.

From London, UK.


13 Responses to “Greetings from the sofa in London!”

  1. Good luck Andy! I found sleeping to be incredibly difficult! Was so glad when I got the OK to not wear the night boot. You’re doing the right thing in following the docs orders and elevating. I got the OK at 3 weeks to do very simple ROM (forward backward and side to side) and that was it. But I was NWB for 6 full weeks due to my surgery. And yes the calf atrophies very fast (use it or lose it has a new meaning to me now!) and takes a long time to get back. I’m at 5 months now and am still working on it. Still don’t have the flexibility and strength of my good foot. And now the progress isn’t seen weekly either so I have to work harder to motivate myself - LOL! You go from daily progress to weekly progress to ??? Although I did move from jogging .25 mile to jogging .5 mile and will try for .75 mile in a couple of days. So I guess that is also progress - but I HATE jogging! Keep being patient!

  2. Thanks for the support! I have 3 “Mega Goals” as I call them.

    1. Play golf on my 40th (November)…..I reckon that’s an easy one to achieve.
    2. Go for a run on Christmas Day.
    3. Run a half marathon exactly a year post surgery, June 29th 2018.

    Maybe I’m aiming high, time will tell.


  3. Those all seem very doable. I’m hoping to play in a soccer tournament in September - we’ll see :) I suspect it won’t be the achilles that keeps me out - but my fitness level! I won’t play with my team if I’m not an asset.

  4. Good luck! Sounds like you have a good mindset for the recovery. For what it’s worth, everything got a lot better for me after the first 4-5 weeks. It’s tough being immobile early on.

    Keep us updated!

  5. You are about 3 weeks ahead of me…only I’m the non-surgery route. I look forward to reading your posts so I know what is to come in my journey for this active girl across the pond in Canada!

  6. I am so pumped up! Today is exactly 15 weeks since my ATR and I went for my first jog outside this morning total of the whooping 0.2 miles.
    Could not have imagined just 4 month back that running 0.2 miles will be so much anticipation and excitement.

    Ankle didn’t hurt during run and still feels normal. I keep feeling it out every so often holding my breath that it does not swell or start hurting.

    Andy I think your mega goal of jogging by Christmas is very doable. Only question - how far will you be able to jog.

  7. Only 15 weeks and you are jogging? Wow…..amazing! I bet you were nervous.

    Were you surgery or conservative care?

    I’d like to think I could jog a mile by Christmas (that will be week 25)


  8. Well It was a very slow jog at the pace of 10.3 minute mile.

    Doc told me I could try if it feels comfortable to do 0.2 miles for a week then try 0.4 for 2 weeks.

    I felt pumped up and nervous at the same time at the end of the run I wanted to go longer as ankle was holding up , luckily I held my horses.

  9. @andy - mine was surgery.

  10. Today I did only 0.1 miles as the tendon started to tighten up. Doctor told me not to push it if feels uncomfortable. Hoping it will be better tomorrow.

  11. Greetings Andy,

    I found this site several weeks ago, right when I blew out my left achilles tendon. I knew exactly what happened. The experiences everyone has shared has been extremely helpful and encouraging.

    Andy, noticed you injured yourself a day after I had my incident (6/16/17). However, you had your surgery on the 29th. Twelve days later. It took me nearly six weeks to finally have surgery (7/24/17).

    Since you’re the closest to me on this recovery timeline, I’ve thought it a good idea to kind of shadow you somewhat. Knowing full well each of us heal at a different rate and may require different therapy, it may help me have a general idea of what to look forward to.

    Keep up the good work. And maintain that positive outlook.

  12. Hi Andy,

    An update for you on the jogging progress. Since I started jogging on July 19th - this seems like a distant era 11 days later.

    My first jog was between 0.1-0.2 miles, favoring my good leg during the jog and tendon getting tight at the end of it. The pace was 10.3 minute mile.

    I’ve been jogging every day for the last 11 days. Increasing the pace and distance every 3 days.

    Today (11 days after I started) - I ran 3/4 of the mile. Pushing strong with both legs - tendon felt normal (no pain or tightness). Pace was a more healthy 8 minute mile.
    I was out of breath at the end of it - but its a general conditioning vs a tendon issue.

    Per doctor’s advice I still run on the flat asphalt in my neighborhood, had not tried hills yet.

  13. Hey Andy how are you? This is Ty from US (female 40 years old) I had a complete rupture of my right achillies on June 16, 2017 and had surgery June 20. I’m 5 weeks post op I think we are on the same week of recovery??? I noticed we are similar in age and date wow.

    So I had staples and cast removed at 3 weeks been in a boot since with 3 wedges. I removed my first wedge 3 days ago so now I’m down to 2 wedges. I’m FWB and don’t use crutches. I use them when I have my boot off. I don’t go back to surgeon for another 3 weeks.

    Did you start therapy already? I don’t start therapy until week 8.

    Do you put weight on your foot with out the boot on?

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