Probably not my best idea!

Not sure if it was a good idea but I have just bought second hand Vacocast boot on Ebay for £30 ($45). My plan is to take it along to my next cast fitting and try to persuade them to let me go into the boot at 2 weeks.
Appreciate any comments on whether you think this approach may work. Has anyone else taken their own boot and back seat driven their treatment plan?
Whatever happens I plan to keep the boot until I have finished with it and then to sell it and give the proceeds to

Some exercises for the first couple of weeks

I went to the Physio today to get some ideas on what exercises I can do at home whilst I am in the NWB cast. I am very happy that I went as he gave me a lot of exercises.

I will work on a set of routines and then update the blog with what I am doing. In summary I showed him a set of exercises that I have been doing since going into my cast and he then gave me some new ones and variations. He has split the exercises into 3 groups and suggests that I work on 2 of the 3 each day for about 20 - 30 minutes.

Group 1 - Chest & Arms
Group 2 -  Back & Abs
Group 3 - Legs & Shoulders

The exercises that I can do include the following:
Press Ups - off knees and one footed with regular hands and staggered hands
Bird Dogs - see here for an explanation
Side & Front Planks
Dead Bugs - see here for an explanation -
Sit Ups - various flavours
Single Leg Squats
TRX exercises-I have a TRX so he has given me a number of exercises that I can do with it.

I’ll have to see how it goes but just trying to do something proactive today has lifted my spirits.

Squash? No thanks!

What a difference a 45 minute game of squash has made to my 2013! 44 minutes into the game I could have sworn that my opponent had kicked me in the back of my of my left calf. I tried to pick myself up off the floor and realised that he was nowhere near me!

I was pretty sure I had just torn a muscle in the back of my left calf so I tried to carry on as normal. I live in Devon but work as a consultant for clients who tend to be London based. Hence I went to work from Monday to Wednesday which was a round trip of 500 miles driving a manual car and staying in a hotel. I found myself feeling feint when I took a shower but things seemed to be getting more bearable as each day passed.

On Thursday I went to see a physio who told me that it was my achilles and organised for me to go to A&E. They pre booked me to see a doctor which meant I only had to wait in the A&E ward for 10 minutes before seeing someone. The doctor in A&E checked my calf and ankle and diagnosed a rupture just below my calf. He advised me to go down the non surgical route and told me about a Canadian study that showed very similar results to having surgery. I was then put in a soft cast with my foot pointing down (not sure what the technical term for this is!). That was on Thursday 16th of May and I have an appointment to have a new cast in 2 weeks time when my foot will be moved to a different angle. Finding this site has been very inspiring and useful and I am now hoping to get into an VacoCast\VacoPed boot at my next hospital visit.
Paws for thought
I still can’t believe how long it will take me to get back to normal but I am determined to be as productive as possible whilst recuperating. I do have private medical care which I plan to use to get myself a lot of physio during the healing process. I would also like to keep my upper body and partial lower body in shape whilst I am recovering.