Insanity over!

I am now 22 weeks into my ATR treatment so here goes for my next update.
I have now finished my first round of the Insanity workout programme :-). This has been a real bonus of my ATR injury. If I hadn’t ruptured my achilles then I am pretty sure I would have continued in the [...]

Insanity at 16 weeks

I am now 16.5 weeks into my ATR treatment so thought it would be good to give an update.
I felt that my recovery progress had started to slow down by week 13. I had been going to Physio rehab classes once a week but I was just not getting enough exercise on the other days [...]

Heel raises gone!

Coming up for 11 weeks now and I am doing well.
Last Saturday my PT looked at my walking and told me that I could dump my the heel raise in my shoe. I was really pleased as I had been told by the doctor at hospital that I would have to use them for 3 [...]

2 Shoes - At Last!

I moved into 2 shoes last Thursday 18th July This was 9 weeks since my start of treatment and I delayed my appointment by 1 week due to being on holiday.
My appointment with the consultant was a little underwhelming. He asked me how many weeks since the start of my treatment then asked a [...]

Board by the beach

In case anyone else wants to have a play in the water in their Vaco boot. I removed the cloth outer and just used the vacuum insert with some extra foam padding.

8 week update

I should have been in 2 shoes yesterday but I have had to delay my hospital appointment until next week as I am on holiday in Greece with the family this week.
I was partly dreading a week in a beach club full of windsurfers, sailing dinghies and stand up paddleboards. In reality I am really [...]

Naked at night!

I went to the Fracture Clinic on Thursday. It was a little surreal as initially the staff told me that I probably didn’t need to be there as normally all they do at a 2 week boot appointment is to remove a wedge. Because I had bucked the system with my own Vacoped then this [...]

1 week in a boot

I have now been wearing my Vacoped/Vacocast boot for the last 7 days. The first 3 days were not good at all. I started to get very numb toes and ‘pins and needles’ (similar to alton2012’s experiences). It got worse and worse until I read a post from Norm (he should be Sainted!) telling Kellygirl [...]

Cast Off!

I feel very happy!
I went to the hospital yesterday with my ebay Vacoped boot! When I asked if I could use my own boot rather than the standard Aircast that they use in The hospital the doctor and staff were more than happy. Some of them had not seen the Vacoped so I [...]


I have just received my 2nd hand Vacoped boot (bought from Ebay). It is in very good condition and all seems to be in working order.
I have just read the manual and seen a small section that mentions inserting an Achilles pad. I do not have one of these pads so I am wondering if [...]