Insanity at 16 weeks

I am now 16.5 weeks into my ATR treatment so thought it would be good to give an update.
I felt that my recovery progress had started to slow down by week 13. I had been going to Physio rehab classes once a week but I was just not getting enough exercise on the other days of the week due to work/family life. I really enjoy circuit training but knew that I was not ready for it so I decided to try a different approach. Some colleagues had just started on the Insanity workout programme and were really enjoying it. I thought that this might be a way to keep me focused on my recovery .
I bought It and started on the 17th of August. I am not going to pretend that it is easy and I have had to modify some of the routines (especially at first) on order to protect my achilles. You start off by doing a fit test to give you a benchmark and then do a varied set of workouts each day for 4 weeks ranging from 30 minutes to 60 minute with one rest day a week. Week 5 is a recovery week and then you do another 4 weeks of harder workouts.
I am on week 4 at the moment and feel very good. I can now do all of give exercises in the workouts and feel that my ATR is good as a result.
Only time will tell if this course of action is going to work but at the moment it feels good. I can now do single leg calf raises which I couldn’t pre the workouts. I can also do the exercise routines in a hotel room which since I travel a lot is very useful for me.
Fingers crossed I can keep up with the programme and will not re rupture.
I don’t advise anyone else to try this approach but just wanted to let everyone know that I am still ok and recovering well.

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  1. Andrew, I just had to review all your posts to confirm my recollection that your quick and pleasant and “sporting” — and famous! :-) — recovery has been accomplished without surgery, non-op. Makes me wish the ATR Timeline Widget had a line like “Op? Y/N” to answer that FAQ. I think it’s good to be clear when a few people are still being told in 2013 (& still believing) that there’s only one option for ATR treatment, especially if you’re young and/or active and want to return to active sports…
    Folks, there are TWO options, and they both produce excellent results the vast majority of the time, though either one can be done badly, and neither comes with a guarantee.

  2. Are you insane, AndrewC? Lol–that is some amazing progress. You are kicking some ATR butt. Don’t worry, I won’t be following your approach–I’m much too lazy. Keep up the good work! (I’m insanely jealous of the single calf raise, btw.) You are making me think I need to work a little harder–but it’s so comfy here on the couch. <>

  3. Very impressive andrewc…you are about seven weeks ahead of my timeline, great encouragement for those of us behind you who also have gone the non-op route! Keep up the great work and keep us informed of the progress.

  4. hi, im currently at 11 weeks post ATR. been reading this site since day it happened, but first time posting. im sooo impressed you doing the insanity workout. when i fist did the ATR & was sat on the couch going crazy, i saw an infomercial for the insanity workout & was really jealous, because i thought i’d never be able to do it. Reading that you are currently doing it, is massively inspiring, thanks for that. how do you find the workout, is it in anyway going to put me at risk of re-rupturing???

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