Heel raises gone!

Coming up for 11 weeks now and I am doing well.
Last Saturday my PT looked at my walking and told me that I could dump my the heel raise in my shoe. I was really pleased as I had been told by the doctor at hospital that I would have to use them for 3 months. The PT says he can’t really see any limp when I am walking. Between us I do still need to concentrate to make sure I walk properly. It really is mind over matter for me to walk without a limp.
My PT gave me some new exercises and said I could stop doing my Theraband exercises. He is still managing my expectations by telling me that it will probably be another 3 months before I can jog and 6 months before I return to things like circuits and other high impact sports.
I am ok with this but deep down I would like to get there a little quicker - I can hear Norm saying Incrementally in my head ;-)
At the gym I am now at a point to do a real workout on the cross trainer, bike, rowing machine and all my PT exercises. At the end of a gym workout I am now dripping with sweat which is nice because previously I felt I was just going through the motions and wasn’t really getting much of a workout.
I have been walking our dog for longer and longer and can now easily do a few miles with her over rough terrain.
I sent the picture of me windsurfing in my boot to the Vaco in the UK. They have put it on their website so I am now finally famous after 47 years of obscurity.
In summary I am getting back to being in a good place once again. I wish the same thing to everyone here and to those of you still in your first few weeks - things will get better, you just have to be patient.

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  1. Congrats! Continue the great work! I thought that picture of u in the boot windsurfing was priceless.

  2. Nice work Andrew! Fab news that you are progressing well.

  3. Lol! How cool is that! You are famous :) I’m so glad to hear that you are doing well and in a good place again. I’m curious about the heel lifts–how tall are they? My Dr said I should aim for a 1″ differential between the sole and the heel. Do your lifts provide more than that?

    You are well ahead of me in the walking. I can do two miles but need to break it up in to two events. (I did two in one shot and regretted it later.) I have no doubt that you will be jogging before me too! Keep us posted–I hope you share when you can do your first single calf raise. I want to know about it!

    Good luck and keep plugging along!

  4. Hi Kelly
    My ‘heel lifts’ were just 2 gel heel raises that I was told to wear for 3 months. They were around half a centimetre in height when I put 2 of them in my shoe.
    My PT did a dorsiflexion test where he measured the dorsiflexion on my good leg and compared it to the DF on the bad one.There was only a 2 inch difference so he was happy that I didn’t need a heel raise anymore.

  5. Thanks for getting back to me, Andrew. You put two in each shoe? The Dr. recommended doubling up but it’s kind of uncomfortable. I’ve got one pair in now–maybe I’ll try doubling up again tomorrow. I thought maybe you had a special heel lift but it sounds like the ones I just bought.

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